Friday Night Rhino Chat


A few of you, friends of mine, and friends of the site, have asked me “why didn’t Fly talk about your March Madness win?” At first I thought, “yeah, why not?” Especially since he had called me out when nominating, Maximus, asking if I would “crack under pressure, the pressure of the big stage, once [I was] relied upon to deliver quality picks on a daily basis?” I hate being questioned, but instead of crying about it, or crying about getting my votes stolen for some bullshit, I just worked harder.

That’s what he wants, that was an open challenge, “You want to be great boy? Then prove yourself to be a man among men.” That’s the deal, you don’t play on the pro-bowl team for showing up, you don’t get to jam with Clapton and King for playing a few chords well. This site, and “The Fly,” demand– and breed –greatness. So many “pros” say that you “can’t beat the market,” yet everyone on here does, year after year.

Seeking a pat on the back is for losers, I want to be the best. I don’t want a pat on the back and a “great job making your quota.” I want “HOLY SHIT! You are killing it.” But, only after I really am, someone form this site should have won March Madness. I’m glad I could represent, and only hope that I can continue to provide you with good content and solid picks.

Right now I am in “Full Rhino Short Mode,” thus, I like short: PLULUXONE

I have a few longs on my book, but I can’t really offer up any real day/swing trades long in this tape, most have a longer output, though SPFLGF, and SWHC, are on my book, and look to be good swing trades.

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