This is Manifest Destiny, This is America


I often get caught up in all the negativity surrounding our troubled nation. All the entitlements, the unions, unemployment, pumping our currency to death, and the politicians who use their power in the wrong way– insider trading anyone?– but there is still greatness out there. I know it’s just a song, and it’s just a sport, but if you listen to the words and think about all the sacrifices that it took us to get to where we are, it becomes more than a sport or a song.

All the people who built NYC, dug the Eerie Canal, laid the railroads, fought the British, fought their brothers on opposite sides of the Mason Dixon, came west for the Gold Rush, went off to Europe and Japan to fight an enemy we never provoked, are pulling security in a dusty hole at high elevation in Afghanistan, throw themselves into burning buildings to help others, and who stay up all night trying to innovate and create, all are Americans.

This is manifest destiny, those who emigrated here were forced to adapt, and to overcome. They built businesses and families, with names like Bechtel. All the great powers of old, from Europe and elsewhere, could only watch, as those with the heart, desire, and determination, left their old countries, to come and try to make something of themselves.

Though we have grown much weaker, and a vast part of the populace are nothing but beggars, there are still those that only want to work hard and be great. All of you that do your own due diligence, staying up late to analyze charts, getting up early to listen to earnings calls, forgoing social lives in order to come up with your next great idea, you are manifest destiny.

There’s a reason why we strive for greatness, and I think this is our foundation. It’s further evident through our love of sport; the heart, the pain, and the hard work that go into competing at the highest levels, also go into being good at anything. Remember that the next time you see a young shortstop make a diving play, or a defensive tackle stop a RB on the 4 yard line.

Channel this into everything you do, listen to the Star Spangled Banner play within your mind, knowing that the flag is still– in fact –there. When’re you’re tired of looking at Bollinger bands, or looking through income statements,  remember, this is what makes us great. When the rest of the world is sitting around being gluttons, we work hard, because that is what makes us who we are.

Go Giants, and short P, haha.


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  1. Not going to beat the Academy choirs, but here’s a good version with a San Francisco connection.

  2. “Go Giants, short $P!” Lol! I shall scream this out loud at least 3 times this weekend.

    Rhino, ‘burning desire’ is an incredibly powerful force…if you have it, you’re blessed.

    • I just want to be the best at what I think matters, and provide for my family, so that we may never have to worry about money.

  3. You absolute bell-end! You sound like some 21-yr old punk kid who demonstrably knows nothing about the world outside the bad ol’ U-S-of-A.

    • Yep, I know nothing about the world. Maybe you should do some research and read the rest of my posts, before you open your stupid mouth.

    • You must be very proud of your ignorance to display it so publicly.

    • Have you read his short bio in the top right corner of the page?

      “Former paratrooper w/the 82nd airborne, 2 tours in Afghanistan…”

      Yea, Dave, clearly Rhino knows nothing outside the US….

      • The Once and Future Rhino

        Iraq, but we all know what you’re talking, and that you rarely sleep. LOL

  4. I don’t usually post here but the douchebaggery displayed so gallantly by Dave warranted a quick comment. A great post and a both irrelevant and ridiculous comment by Dave in response to said post

    • The Once and Future Rhino

      I always get trolled by dudes named Dave. Thanks for your support always bud.

  5. Apparently you and your equally blind followers fail to see (or perhaps follow to the same degree) the gross level of egocentric spitefulness that you exhibit. It defies belief that anyone from the USless-of-A could utter the phrase ‘When the rest of the world is sitting around being gluttons …’ because apparently you are a nation of overweight, under-educated, greedy, short-sighted, spiteful gluttons.

    • The Once and Future Rhino

      Are you just a bitter Canadian? TIA

    • Dave

      I cannot defend the vast amount of uneducated fat gluttons in this country. You are correct. There are many fat gluttons who are stupid, trolling the earth for food stamps.

      However, I’d think you’d also realize there are two class structures in this largess nation of ours, one of which is smart enough to develop ICBMs that can sweep through your window and detonate inside of your Fiat.

      Also, I’d think you’d be wise enough to know that our elite universities are in fact the envy of the world.

      As such, we’ve managed to control the world, via Empire, for almost 100 years now.

      Sure, everyone hates the cool jock who bags all the chicks, mainly because he’s cool and gets all the chicks. But don’t bother belittling yourself by pointing out that our working class is dumb and fat, because no one cares about them–especially us.

      • Thanks for explaining that to him, boss. Apparently he missed this sentence:
        “Though we have grown much weaker, and a vast part of the populace are nothing but beggars, there are still those that only want to work hard and be great”

  6. Arctic Gambino

    I want to know where Dave has been for the past 3 months. And I want to know what warrants these random attacks.

    One must know! Well just me.

  7. Love ya Rhino. Out.

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