Trying to Find The XONE


I don’t know how I feel about this whole 3D printing thing, I want it to succeed, but I feel it’s like Industrial Hemp– an uphill battle. The other thing I am trying to figure out, is this stuff is made out of plastics, polymers, and metal alloys? Why not just use a cast, or a CNC machine? I think that’s the issue here, you already have companies like Dupont, that can do anything with plastics, and every “Hot Rod Shop” has a CNC machine.

I understand these require pouring materials into a mold– that presents challenges for consistency, –and cutting material away from a block of metal like Aluminum, creating waste, but what is the cost to switch? Is it the right thing to do for the environment, in that it wouldn’t require as much mining, but would it not have a negative reaction elsewhere?

Here’s what current printers use, from WikiPedia:

3d printing materials


Look at XONE‘s chart, it’s ridiculous, and like a frat boy that does a bunch of blow in Vegas for his friend’s 21st birthday, it gets way up to the top of the world. These longs are on a coke binge, doing shots of cheap tequila, then heading to the nearest bathroom stall for some “key bumps.”



You thought you were cool last night, PAL, but you never were. You might have the talent, PAL, but where’s the need? You have to convince the big boys that you belong to be there. All your “profits” are great, but what are you making? How are you changing the world? If you fill some small little niche that makes people’s lives/business processes better, that’s great, but that doesn’t deserve a ~16% surge in one month since your IPO. You’re a short, unless you can prove me otherwise, Friendo-PAL.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I would rather try to get in early with a tight stop, then wait for it to capitulate, and only pick up 5%. I’m short this thing, with a stop at 8% above my cost basis of $31.12– ( $33.06). I think this thing gets kicked down the proverbial stairs, all we need is a little pullback, and it’s gone. Think about when it IPO’d? Right at the end of a record hitting bull run.

I have to read some “sell-side” stuff, and see if “The DR” can help me build a model. I honestly thinks it breaks $30 soon, and wouldn’t be surprised if it tested the 50 day SMA– HOLY SHIT! I just used a technical term –down near $28.70. If it breaks that, and the overall market is pulling back, it’s going down into the $25 range.

Just my opinion.

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  1. Moving averages sometimes work, sometimes not. But for a stock like $XONE they don’t mean sh!t. It has no history; history firms a moving average. This stock is going to waterfall to at least the mid-20s.

    • The Once and Future Rhino

      I think it goes even lower, but didn’t want to sound like an old mean guy, shaking his cane.

  2. Rhino,

    waiting for your thoughts on UA long and LULU short


    • Not that you asked but if you are patient long enough LULU will go to $55 when this market turns really nasty. I’ll be looking for it in that area myself.

    • I saw your comment yesterday, I still believe in the trade. Competitors are just starting to make headway on LULU, and UA is working on international growth. If UA can wrangle the soccer/futbol folks, then they will rocket upwards.

  3. I jumped in this one at $24 range the day it tanked on DDD’s earnings report. Their customer base is quite different than that of DDD and so I wanted to get in. I sold out on the pop in the low 34s after they reported. I’d look to trade it again and yesterday may have been a good entry. KKR and ELLI made nice reversals yesterday and are green today. I’d rather add to them too.

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