I’m Thinking We Trade Down Again, and Shorting $XONE


I hate to say it, but look at VIX futures, then compare them to the market index futures. Not looking good. It may not happen, but I will be checking when Europe opens to see what it’s looking like, then updating this. If we do trade down, this is the screen I am looking at to spot potential shorts.

I will almost definitely be initiating a short in XONE tomorrow. I’m sorry, 3D printing is “cool,” but all the hype, without a real demand, and a supply– for that matter –just doesn’t exist. They have been making awesome things with 3D printing, but it’s not replacing forging AR15 lower receivers the old fashioned way anytime soon. There are many things it’s going to be awesome for, but you have to convince the “old guard” first. This thing is up ~19% since it’s IPO at the beginning of March. Time for it to be taught some humility.


Here’s what the screen turned up:

short screen


Names of interest: RENT NKTR FR CERS EGAN KRG CQP (<-seriously) CHTR VIPS ANGI  (<-seriously)

Charts for the “names of interest” here

[EDIT: I’m going to bed, finally, but I think we trade down in the morning}

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  1. No shorts for you!

  2. too thin

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