“The Rhino,” for The Nobel Peace Prize?


Let us forgo the pain and suffering of war. I propose a way end to end the hostilities with the DPRK, a kickboxing match between Kim Jong Un, and “The Rhino.” He’s supposed to have balls of steel right? How about a winner takes all 3 round match?

You were unaware I was such a humanitarian– I’m sure –but what say you on the matter?

kim jongkim jong

2 Responses to ““The Rhino,” for The Nobel Peace Prize?”

  1. Took me 7 reads to process “Tae Kwan” into “Type 1″…oh, Lord….

    Rhino, after winning, what are your demands in exercising the “take all” stipulation?

    • The Once and Future Rhino

      Develop the country, so that they may be prosperous like their southern neighbors. We all win, especially if they have some natural resources.

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