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Momentum Monday

There was little momentum to be found as we start the week. The indices were flat and crypto dumped early once Wal-Mart denied a partnership rumor with Litecoin (Sauces). Cyrpto, specifically Bitcoin, does not look bad on this pullback to low 40s, maybe, just maybe, the lows are in for September– maybe.

On the home front, Topical Storm Nicholas is upon us. Ol’ Nick plans to dump plenty of rain, ensuring floods in Houston and Louisiana. Most homes down south are without shingles due to Hurricane Ida making landfall just weeks prior, blue tarps color multiple parishes. We cannot handle more rain.

As for stocks, I tweeted that Monday was all smiles with $SDC littering the Delta scans. $OCGN was also a contender from our momentum scan, and $FSLR had a breakout day. Let’s see if futures can perk up here into Tuesday’s trade, we did have 100+ names hitting scan: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

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