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Christmas Is Coming….

And, I am well positioned.

Lately, I have been buying December calls in TWTR every morning when the market dips. We have all been pretty bullish on Twitter here at iBankCoin pretty much since the iPO. Lately though, Raul, aka Vince, has had his spider senses tingling on the blue bird. He made it well known on twitter and his blog (a must read), that a TWTR long is financial advice. I like him sticking his neck out with call options, and like the fact that Twitter is morphing into an early stage metaverse.

There is not much that makes sense in the market, but a Twitter long into Christmas is a bet I’m willing to make. I like the idea of using call options, because you know the exact amount you can lose. Instead of YOLO’ing your account in the name, think about the total amount invested. Ask yourself, are you prepared to lose that amount? I’ve seen Twitter do some crazy things over it’s life span, so a breakdown is not out of question.

I’ve been trading well, and made a nice mint on NFTs. I can take some risk here with my partner in crime Raul. Long TWTR calls into Christmas.

And, if my twitter calls zero out, I still have a few Eggs ready to hatch Christmas morning. If you are wondering my top NFT idea, you are looking at it below:

Christmas is coming, and the Cajun has been a good boy all year long.

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