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The Wait For Stocklabs Is Just About Over…

The first two weeks of the year for The Cajun consisted of learning how to stream content. You see, it all started when one of our current subscribers hacked into stocklabs, after he got a sneak peak. He got accustomed to the real time screens, and decided he couldn’t live without it, so he found a back door.

Once caught by our Lord Supreme Commander in Chief, The Fly, he was quickly thrown out the back door, and almost kicked from the service indefinitely. However, Dr. Fly was in a forgiving mood that day.

This said intruder made a quick comment inside the Exodus chat room saying, “if The Cajun has early access, then he should stream the screens for all current subscribers waiting.” And, that is exactly what I’ve done the first few weeks of the year.

Fast forward to MLK day and The Cajun has a brand new command center equipped with enough graphic chips to mine a few shitcoins. I even got a fancy YETI microphone, so maybe I’ll bless the stream with my Cajun drawl. You can view the stream HERE for free, up until Stocklabs is released. Make sure to subscribe to page for live alerts. 

I use to spend hours a night going though 1000s of charts, only to find that half of them won’t work. Now there is no more guessing, stocklabs tells me what stocks I should be buying, and I have more time to learn about high powered computing.

Indeud, 2021 is off to a great start, and the wait for stocklabs is just about over.

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