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Market Momentum Continues Into New Week

It’s hard to kill a bull when you have Apple Computer hitting all-time highs in perpetuity. Forget that the company is once again shutting down the doors due to COVID, investors just want to own $AAPL. As for me, I will not buy a single share with a valuation of 1.5 Trillion. I just can’t do it. Regardless, $AAPL remains on the momentum screen:


Another name trading with a trillion dollar valuation is Microsoft. Well, $MSFT also landed on Monday’s momentum screen keeping the bull market more than alive:


Biotech stocks also remain strong, with $XBI continuing it’s move back to all-time highs. Another windfall for the bulls:


Today’s full momentum screen has been imported to finviz for your viewing pleasure CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS. Charts of interest for the week include:

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