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$JCP With A Side Of $SQQQ

How can you lose with a pair trade like that? Long bankrupt penny stock $JCP, and short the most crowed trade of 2020, the Nasdaq via $SQQQ. Today’s master screen inside Exodus is giving us the tickers, we are just following the ebbs and flows, no Davey.

Here’s a look at some tickers to watch based on Tuesday’s screen: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS.

If the market rolls over here, think: $SQQQ, $SPXU, $VXX, $TZA, $SOXS, $VIXY

On strength think squeeze: BYND, VTIQ, DKNG, GRUB, FSLY, PTON, OVV, IVR, & RIG

Small caps: BIOC, HTBX, RTTR, ZOM

Exodus members make sure to bookmark screen HERE, results change daily, and so should your trades. Trade the momentum and keep it moving. STOP THINKING ABOUT THE LONG TERM. THERE IS NO LONG TERM. Cash continues to be king.

Long $JCP 

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  1. RaginCajun

    Note: This post is not endorsing JCP, I’ll be out by tomorrow’s trade.

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