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Fidelity Sector Funds Ranking Gets Defensive

For the first time this year, a defensive fund has moved into the top 3 ranked Fidelity Sector Funds.

Current top 5 ranked funds:

  1. FSAIX (Air Transportation) made a new high today…
  2. FSRFX (Transportation) just shy of a new high…
  3. FSUTX (Utilities) made a new high today…
  4. FSLBX (Brokerage and Investment Management)
  5. FSPCX (Insurance) just shy of a new high…

The Utilities fund momentum ranking is low but so is its volatility…thus it is replacing some of the higher momentum funds that have become more volatile.

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  1. Anthony FJ Garner (@AnthonyFJGarner)

    Listed you at Traders Place: http://tradersplace.net/websites/view/web-sites-2/182/woodshedder/ Would appreciate reciprocity.

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  2. Tony Berg

    Where does this ranking come from? Does the source have a ranking for ProFunds sector funds, too?


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    • Woodshedder

      Hi Tony, the ranking is proprietary. I could use the same ranking mechanism for ProFunds sector funds as well, except I’ve never tried to get data. If it is on yahoo, no problem. I’ll check it out.

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