Top 5 Fidelity Select Sector Funds


The system will be rotating at today’s close out of 2 of the 3 funds it is holding and into 2 new ones. It will be selling FSHOX (Construction and Housing) and FSPCX (Insurance) and replacing those with FSAIX (Air Transportation) and FSLBX (Brokerage and Investment Management).

The top 5 ranked Fidelity Select Sector Funds are as follows:

FSAIX (Air Transportation)

FSAVX (Automotive)

FSLBX (Brokerage and Investment Management)

FSHOX (Construction and Housing)

FSVLX (Consumer Finance)

3 Responses to “Top 5 Fidelity Select Sector Funds”

  1. Wood – can you please telll me how you’re determining the ranking of the Fidelity Sector funds?

    Are you getting this from Fidelity’s web site, running your own ranking program, or ???

    Thank you,

  2. Mark, I calc it myself. If the email you included is good then I’ll email you more info

    • Thank you. Yes, the account is good.

      I’ve gone through your past postings on the Fidelity rotation program (as many as I could find) and was going to try and come up with a master list of the rules, steps, etc., that you’re using for the program this weekend.

      If you have, or could point me to somewhere that lists/provides them – that’d be great.

      Thank you again,

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