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Fidelity Sector Rotational System Will Go To 66% Cash

On Friday, October 12th, the S&P 500 $SPX closed beneath its 50 day moving average. This causes the Fidelity Sector Rotational System to sell any open positions that have been held for more than 30 days, at the next close.

FSTCX (Telecommunications) and FBMPX (Multimedia) will be sold at tomorrow’s close. FSAGX (Gold) will remain open.

When $SPX regains its 50 day average, the system will purchase the top 2 Fidelity funds and will be 100% invested.

The system has a net profit year-to-date of 10.24%. $SPY has a gain year-to-date of 12.07%

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    Thanks for the update. Even though the system is currently behind the S&P, it still has a nice return and has the potential to beat the S&P in the long-run. Looking forward to more updates.

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