Hello February


I am saying good bye to the best month of the year for trading (at least for me). This was great January, the best in my book, anyway. Everything went as planned, but it could have been better, after all it is always can be better. Is it really? I think it’s just greed talking, you make what you make and don’t look back on your gains.

I am high cash again (in trading portfolio) and for the first time in many months I am trading long PMs. I am doing it for SWING TRADE ONLY and do not have any intention to hold it long term. PM mining still sucks as a business and I don’t see it changing any time soon.

Picks of the day are: MVG NG AG NGD NUGT SIL.. watching JAG (pure lotto play – day-trade only).

You can lose money trading these, a lot of money – never buy stocks just because somebody posts about them, trading is very personal business, do your homework.

Happy trading,


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  1. “you make what you make and don’t look back on your gains.”

    Couldn’t agree more. We always get what we put in; in other words, we get what we deserve.

    • Yep, there is no point to dwell on some trade you’ve missed or selling too early – no matter how good you are it will always happen, so the best is just except it as part of trading…

  2. sold 1/2 NUGT and 1/3 AG

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