10 things they told me in 2009


1. Great depression is coming back
2. market will crashing for years to come
3. every rally should be shorted
4. buy and hold is dead
5. equities are the worst investments
6. will be run on banks
7. unemployment will be high off the charts
8. bankruptcies will be high off the charts
9. there will be civil unrest
10. this is THE END

I told them (in the voice of the sir Fly): FUCK OFF and I bought stock.

Happy trading all and remember – noise is always there, it’s up to you if you listen to it.


2 Responses to “10 things they told me in 2009”

  1. you forgot the best one of all time.#11: buy and hold is dead. oh and #9……..it’s comin,i can almost garr-unteee that.

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