Hungry, thirsty and radioactive


Hey kids – no charts, no fundamentals, no algorithms and no stops lol:

UUU on TSX (bought out by Russians today) sold

Second week of 2013 has been good to me, first takeover. I was lucky enough last year to have 5 takeovers in my portfolio, which is personal yearly record for me.
Shout out to my trading partner for nailing that SHLD to the wall.

Happy trading,
Mr. P

These stocks are high beta and if you buy any of them because of this post, aliens will kidnap you and use for their sexual experiments.

3 Responses to “Hungry, thirsty and radioactive”

  1. Hey partner, thanks for the shoutout on SHLD! On the other hand, wicked reversal on RIG after news that Icahn was taking a small stake drove it up in pre-market. I was going to take some profits, my gut told me so, and then I didn’t. Greed. Congrats on

  2. Well done with UUU Mr. P I have both made and lost money with the crazy Kazaks so I wimped out.

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