Marissa Mayer Has Showed Her Hand – Apple Will Buy Yahoo!


The gods have spoken, my scouts have returned and @marissamayer has given us a perfectly wrapped Christmas present.

She tweeted this Wednesday:

I realize there has been much talk for several months, if not years, about an Apple takeover but I’m convinced this seals it. Too many things are lining up – the confirmed release of Apple experimenting with TV components, the Flickr iOS app release alongside the instagram fiasco and now this seemingly harmless tweet of an Apple store.

There are just too many synergies here that Apple could use – whether it be from Yahoo’s foothold in the Asia marketplace, the insane amount of content Yahoo! has, Yahoo’s IntoNow app and the possibilities that could bring with a TV made by Apple, etc.

I have instructed my legions to buy several YHOO calls – it must be done.


6 Responses to “Marissa Mayer Has Showed Her Hand – Apple Will Buy Yahoo!”

  1. IntoNow app is incredible

  2. Solid detective work here… Way to connect the dots.

  3. widespread panik

    Nice one new guy!!! Pissed about YHOO that I didnt’ scale in sooner.

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