POLL: Does @ReformedBroker’s Book Suck?


Finance/Investing books are a dime a dozen – what do the righteous citizens of iBC think of this man’s work? I’ll give my impressions next week if the results are favorable.

@ReformedBroker’s Backstage Wall Street

Does This Book Suck?

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9 Responses to “POLL: Does @ReformedBroker’s Book Suck?”

  1. I’m confused. Am I voting “yes” for “no” I did not like the book, or am I voting “yes” for “yes” I do like the book, or…

    • does this book suck? yes or no

      • Reformed Broker is one of the few sites on the internet that is friends with iBC.

        I see MAXIMUS has no intention of becoming a politician.

        • In “peacetime” one must look beyond borders. I have no ill will, merely want to know the thoughts of the people.

          • Grow a pair already. First you were going to wait on poll results before deciding whether or not you would provide a review. Now after Fly mentions that RB is down with ibc you exhibit some more back-pedaling.

            Admit it, you had a scathing; and in your mind witty, review already typed up. You wanted to see the masses were of the same mindset before posting your opinion. Something tells me you are going to run away from this topic like a bitch.

            I think you are well suited to be a politician.

  2. HA I like you Mr. Po Pimp but you have assumed too much. I have no review typed because I haven’t read the book. I have it in my queu to read and given the results, would start it this weekend. I am no politician, as I am a man of the people. Your vernacular suits you, obviously.

  3. Maximo..?


  4. tick tick tick tick.

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