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Nope. Long? Yup. Why?

Because Ben can stuff so paper bills in your mouth you can’t breathe. Eventually, everybody pukes. Long until further notice.

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Turd is about to flush himself

Well, right about now, my portfolio of shit is terrible. I have nine positions and only two are in my favor right now. This is what happens when you think you can catch every swing. Being bearish, I had taken a few long positions because I thought I was better than everyone… and that’s just when hubris eats you alive.

The only thing that seems to be up in this shit market is NFLX on an app release. Are fucking kidding me? I am going to go murder someone. Maybe I’ll stream some B horror movie to get a shitty idea how to do it.

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Let them rally a bit

Let’s let them get right where we want them. Then we can take em to the slaughterhouse when they’re good and fat…

For the time being, I am still long DNDN, PCLN, AAPL, SHFL, MRO and now FTK. The only loser right now is MRO. I am still short NFLX, GS and the euro. Soon I will be readding TZA for the most disgusting sell off we’ve seen in oh a few months.

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Turd Buy:

FTK. I’ve made so much money shorting NFLX that I need a place to divest. Don’t know anything about FTK other than I bought at just over a buck and quarter. I will live and die by the Fly. May he not dump the stock just to burn my ass.

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Turd is taking crazy pills

Looking for a rally into the close! I know, I’m fucktarded!

Long Positions:
DNDN, AAPL, PCLN, MRO, and SHFL. Will all be sold within 24 hours.

By the way, shorting NFLX is so fucking beautiful.

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