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Just wait until violation if you’re on the fence. Or you can man up and get short here. Preferably by selling calls as premiums are irregularly big.

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Lollipops and blowjobs for everyone…

…if real estate market improves. Thanks 10AM Pending Home Sales for putting some sanity back into this market. There will be no lollipops and certainly no blowjobs unless they are given by this guy:

Btw, I was on the Mastercard CC. They do not see the U.S getting any better for exactly this reason. They are more optimistic about foreign countries because they know what its like to live in constrained economic times.

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Celebrate, Celebrate! Bulls out in force.

I inadvertently listened to a show that we all know. One thing was sure to this guy; that we are going up. Buy something and you’ll make money was his message. Man, how quickly does sentiment change. There easily now more bulls than bears. Put/Call ratios are nearly <.5.

Time to get on board, bears.

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Tonight’s lesson in you don’t know shit: A fun chart game!

This post is for all the bullshitters out there. Here are some daily charts of SPY. These are all daily charts. Look at those similarities in these reversal patterns! We are surely headed higher!

Ready for the answer? Are you sure you know the direction the market?

Have a splendid night.

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Dolla’ Dalla’ Bill Y’all

I think the days of declining dollar based rallies are coming to a close. A few charts that seem popular around the chartist webs:

USDX has that 200. I’m not really interested in MAs but I do like the MACD histogram positive divergence and that RSI.

Everyones favorite currency against the greenback. 1.32 is on everyone’s eye. When it neared 1.32 today, instant pullback.

These charts favor a pullback tomorrow; not significant, but a pullback, nonetheless.

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