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Gold and Silver Shiii-hi-hi-hine!

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCQ0vDAbF7s 450 300]

Rock your socks off like a blazing set of gold & silver monkeys!





Folks, that’s just the “A’s.”

Heck, that’s just some of the A’s!

LOL.  Hang on, and keep your hands inside the compartment at all times.  These are historic times, and I’m glad you’re along for the ride.

Watch as long suffering junior golds like RBY, EGO, IAG and yes, even NGD, roar forward here.

Back on the road again tomorrow, but I’ll try to check in tomorrow evening.


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Drink from the Golden Cup!


You probably think I’m being metaphorical and yet you’d only be partly right.  Actually, I am drinking from the NCAA Golden Cup this very evening.  You see, for the first time since I’ve been participating in the Big College Hoops Tournament pools, I’ve won my whole pool prior to the first Final Four game being played.  Ridiculous, but true.

How, you ask? Well, it’s largely a consequence of this utterly fuktarded (excuse my bastardized French) 2011 Tournament, where not only did none of the #1 Seeds not make it to the Final Four, but none of the #2 Seeds did either! Sacre Bleu, if I weren’t crazy enough of a homer to recognize the latent maturation of the Kentucky Wildcats’ mostly-freshman team, I’d have had picked zero Final Four teams.  As it is, I picked one, and that proved enough for me to win a large amount of money.

Sometimes life is not fair for the other guy, and I recognize that with humility. I will therefore buy the drinks for whomever is going to pitch a “Go Cats!” party this weekend, using my dirty winnings as salutory payment.


On to the Golden Cup itself… Zombie asked for a “gold and silver update,” and while I scoff at such short term imprecations, I will humor him in appreciation of his long time one-liner hilarities on our collective blogs here.   My analysis will be based on the chart of the stodgy gold ETF, GLD, which I’ve owned for years but speak little about.  It’s part of my “core,” and therefore almost forgotten in any analysis of my day to day trading interests, as I’ve not interest in selling any for some time now.

That said, GLD’s chart can provide some insight onto the future movements in the precious metal environs, and particularly, the miners.   Note, that despite the great success of the miners recently, GLD has had some trouble breaking free of the $139-140 levels as illustrated below?

Note that since November, the price of GLD has flirted with that Maginot Line of $139, and only recently– in early March–  has it breached the promised land of $140 and higher?   We know our friend Mr. CANSLIM, William O’Neil, will quickly tell you that a higher right side of the “cup” in a “cup and handle” formation, is exactly what we should be looking for to best take advantage of an accelerating price situation.

Well, it seems that’s what we are looking at above, and what’s more, it seems the “handle” Mr. O’Neil is so fond of has also appeared over this last month.   Right now, the dollar is struggling to maintain it’s seemingly false Friday gains, and gold and silver seem to be shrugging off any attempts to sell them down.

That tells me, along with the chart above, that we haven’t long before we get a firm break of the $140 level.  I believe that will “bring down the house” so to speak, in terms of actively traded gold stocks.   While I continue to like silver, I think this week will belong to the gold flavor, like the rapper with the gold teeth and the big clock.

Oh right, that’s all of them. 

Carry on, won’t you?  I like NGD, AAU, IAG, IVN and of course ANV, here.

My best to you all.


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Box Wine Find


(Actual Photo Taken At Le Docteur’s House)


My apologies, as I’d meant to post this chart last week, but was just buried with work and transmission troubles from various hotels.

Anyway,  as you can see in this chart, AAU, or Almaden Minerals (“we’ll sell no cheap wine before it’s time”) is still in “buyable” territory, hence my decision to roll this one out, albeit a little late.    You’ll note where I was looking for the “all in” spot, and we didn’t quite get there last week, which is a testament to the resiliancy of these PM markets.

But as you can see, we are close to the “buy the break of” point as well.  I may even amend that recommendation and tell you to purchase the break of the 50 day EMA, which is approximately $3.90. 

If you are the nervous sort, you might want to toe in today, with maybe a quarter sized position, and if we get a break of the 50-day, add a half.  You can follow up with the final quarter on the break of the consolidation zone as demarcated above.

Of course, if  you do any of that, your youngest daughter’s eyes will probably cross permanently, rendering her “unmarriageable” for life, and  you may lose money.


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It’s All in the Footwork



The knock-out makes the fighter a star, but there’s a lot of steps leading up to the fatal punch, that money maker.   It all starts with foot-work.  Ali had the greatest footwork this side of Sugar Ray Robinson, and he defined footwork as a defensive weapon in the famous rope-a-dope strategy, that combined an amorphous passive-aggressive upper body roll with a sly shuffle-dance against the ropes that literally sucked the power from the brutish giant, George Foreman, on that signature humid night in Zaire.

I advocate a similar strategy to assist in absorbing the brutal retaliatory flurries that will inevitably arise from this tidal bull we presently enjoy.  Roll with the punches.  Bleed some shares if you must — 10%, maybe even 20%.    I would not go beyond 30% at this juncture, however.   Keeping cash on hand is one thing, keeping too much of the nasty stuff and missing the rocket launch that is coming is another.

I hope this post will be timely, if in fact today’s hesitation leads to something more stomach churning.  Most important is that you do not lose your focus while the roller coaster whips you about.  

In the end, you must ask yourself the rational question:  Has any single component or fact set changed in the paper money destruction thesis?   If not, you must carry on to the predictable end.

Hint — We’re not there yet. 

EXK, SLW, PAAS, MVG on silver.   IAG and ANV and RGLD on gold.  AAU and NGD and PGZ are for your higher risk plays.  All of these on the expected dips in the next few days.



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Sen. Cementhead Says “Stay the Course!”

My fellow Americans… on this dark, dark day, when your PM positions have pulled back an egregious and insufferable one to two percent, I say to you, do not despair!

Do not feel compelled to jump on the gerbil wheel of drunken Chinamen.

Do not wander over hill and dale for the next Great Internet Bullshittery. 

And do not even bother getting short anything.  The Ben Bernank will shower all with increasingly feeble greenbacks.   Some will feel warm.  Some will point to value.   It will matter little.

Today, you must ask not what the dollar can do for you, but what you can do for the dollar.  At $76.25 or so, you can cheer the dollar on, and celebrate it’s deceased feline trampoline action by indulging in a select group of excellent names.  

They be SLW, PAAS, EXK, NGD, AAU, ANV, EGO and MVG.  

One other thing.  If you are worried about 5% moves one way or the other, and trying to catch every inflection, this game is not for you.   We are riding a wave of pure cement, and you are too small to challenge the intractable.   You will be entombed like a random concrete pourer on the mighty Verrazano.  

That is all, be well and healthy.


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Le Docteur Avait Correuctment!

The Magician

(The Doctor Was Right!)


Le Docteur du Drosfila was correuct yesterday when he promised that The Santa Bernank would arrive soon and solve all your troubles. 

Well, he would if you were an earl and precious metal investor at least.  The rest of the “stock” market may take a little breather here as we reset for the next devaluation of your crumbly-tumbly dollar (down another 0.6% as I type this).   I wouldn’t get too worried, however, unless you are on food stamps or some other COLA-regulated form of government teat.   Because be assured, your welfare state is not looking out for your welfare, even if you are on Welfare!

Yesterday, on weakness, I indulged — as per my announcements on The PPT, peace be upon it — in a double helping of additional gold stocks.  I am quite full up on silver, though I may turn fat fingered vulgarian and grab a smidge more AGQ to take full advantage of any weakness.  The stocks I added to yesterday were EGO and NGD.   Some comrades on The PPT followed me, at even lower prices than I received.

Cursed be their names.

Today, I am looking at some additional weakness in ANV and IAG, and those would be where I’d alight first.  I am also looking at AAU and IVN as “exotics” as it were.   Royal Gold (RGLD) is also looking  juicy.

We’ll talk more tonight.  Good luck and Merry Bernanke to you all.



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