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Breaking Away

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1jzs6dk4bs 450 300]


Breaking away for a second to remind you to pay attention here.  We are headed into Santa Claus territory, and I don’t think it will be coincidental when we see the gold and silver elves coming out for their annual drunken bacchanal.

I am hoping that on Friday I will have moved a large amount of money from “here” unto “there,” and then will have some time to sport about with you, old time style, half-inebriated and full of fun.  Until then, GDX, GDXJ, and yes, even NUGT will be attractive in the Christmas season.  On the silver side, those of you who have cursed and gnashed your teeth about EXK can consider this the time to “make your bones,” or whatever other ethnic cliche you’d like to use.   AG is still my favorite silver dog, and SLW and SIL my core recommendations for the noobs.  That said, PAAS and MVG can be berry berry good to those of a speculative bent.

More speculative than any of those, however, is AAU and TC.  If you have 2% of your portfolio that you reserve for dice throwing at 3 AM in a dirty alley laden with crack whores and vein poppers, then those are your available plays.  Do not cry to me if you are blackjacked, but please remit 15% to the Salvation Army if you do bank coin.

Best to all of you, and hoping to spend many days of merry and bright with you in the latter part of this month…


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League Play



A lot of the junior golds are looking good here and particularly appetizing on a pullback.  GDXJ should be your default if you cannot pick out a couple of nice names, and it looks good on a pullback to just above $22.00.  Put your buy in a dime plus or minus above that line and you should get something on what I believe will be a relatively imminent pullback.  These boys have moved but I think its  time to take a nap maybe for a day or two.

If you want to roll the dice a little, I like AAU here — the basketball league stock!




















As you can see from the chart, its already run us quite a chase, from $1.55 a share in early August to over $2.80 today. We are late in the run and are due a pullback, probably in that $2.95 region marked above.  Good news is you can choose any of those pullback entries marked above,  or buy 33% at each interval to keep things smooth.  My plan would be to purchase that one third either at the break of $2.95 or at the point of the first pullback.  If we bounce from there, you can buy your second third at a break of $2.95.  If it continues to break down you can accumulate all the way to the last buy point (approximately $2.45 or so).

In any case, remember this is a Mad Money type of investment, and not one to be throwing anything more than 5% of your portfolio at.   This is the time these stocks run, however, so if you want to experiment, now is the time.

Best to you all, fellow youth basketball summer league players….



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“X” Marks My Spot


The Louisville Cards went down to the infamous Junior NBA Team on Saturday evening and I have only recently discarded my widow’s weeds of mourning.  I have not neglected you, however, as my heart and my long term picks remain with you, even when my corporeal presence is otherwise occupied.

As for today, it seems the U.S. dollar is doing it’s usual plungerooni below $79 again.  When it breaks $79.60 with vigour (sic), please call me.  Until then I will be eyes forward on all of my “X” play metal picks.   Of particular interest are the siblings XRA and it’s offshoot XG (or is it the other way ’round? No matter).    XRA is currenlty up 5.5% at $2.89, and XG is up over 3.6% at $6.26.

My other X-play is on the silver side — EXK, my old favorite, up 3.8% at $9.86 this day.    For lotto type picks, I continue to recommend the accumulation of BAA and AAU, both also up today to varying degrees.  

Last but not least, let’s not forget the rare earths.  I know they are frustrating, but you will kick yourself if they take off without you.  Besides MCP and REE (the more grandfatherly of the bunch), I continue to nibble on AVL and QRM.   As always, remain cautious.  Any rebound in the dollar will negate all this good stuff, and signal us to lighten our loads.

Best to you all.





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After the Gold Rush

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12T95RHGLH8&feature=related 450 300]


Gold’s not been so hot, here, but I’m patient, and I’ll wait for it to break out of this oversold condition much like I’ve done many times in the past.   There’s been little conditional change in the broader underpinnings of this PM market.  We still have massive liquidity demand — if only for bandaging purposes on European and American debt problems.  We still have too much of our economy being crowded out by government creep (and creeps).   And earl and ag inflation, despite the recent sell-offs, are a constant threat.  

I am therefore comfortable holding my horde whilst exploring other alternatives that have been solid for me for years.  Among those, you know of UPS and MON, which I’ve spoken of many times.  I still like those for the very long term.   There are a couple of other names, however, that I have talked about much recently. 

These are stocks that I would categorize as “hold forever,” as long as they continue to carry and groom their historically strong management teams.  You just put these names away and expect the best.   Then one day, they reward you, like Markel (MKL) did this week. 

















I would encourage you to study up on Markel, some would say they are “the next Berkshire Hathaway.”  All I know is that these are very sharp guys on the insurance side… very workman-like and below the radar.  The kind of stock I like to hold forever. 

On the consumer products front, LANC (Lancaster Colony) — a name I’ve mentioned here beofre– is another gem that does nothing but grow wisely on your supermarket shelves.  It looks real nice right here: 


 Read up on LANC as well.  It’s good niche food business, with a sweet little dividend to keep things happy while you wait.  Slow and steady wins the race on these smart folks.

Last, for those of you who are jonesing for a gold pick, there  is benighted AAU, which #6 asked me about on my last blog post.  It’s looking oversold like the rest of the gold market, and it sure looks like it’s in opportune spot here resting on its 200 week EMA















 Patience will be rewarded, as it has been for a decade now. 

 Best to you all…


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Box Wine Sublime



It was a little ironic the other day, I’ll admit, when I recommended the BAA trade for a “$5 Roll” (since successful) and was chided by commentator “Po Pimp” for a past recommendation that had also at one point promised a permanent place in “big boy stock” stock land north of $5.  That stock was AAU, if any attentive readers recall, and it only barely made it to $5.00 in late April of last year before stumbling and finally dropping to $2.00 by the doldrum period of last December.

I of course still owned AAU at the time of Po’s razzing, but hadn’t really studied the chart in a while.  That challenge, however, had me take another look, and what I saw last week was a stock also breaking out of a consolidation zone, just as BAA had done. Look at the weekly to see how we were breaking (even last week, if you look at the shorter candle before the present one forming this week) from a congestion zone and from an intermediate term down-channel.




















Last week’s promise confirmed today, when AAU surged over 15% on huge volume.  I don’t even know what the news was that drove this rocket today, and it could even just be a result of pent up demand.  One thing I do know is that this is happening more and more with the juniors, and I don’t expect it to stop very soon.   The dollar remains under pressure, as well.  I think we’ll get some continuation here, at least.

And maybe…. moooooore!




















Go have a box wine tonight, on old Uncle Jake, it can’t hurt none.   I also like CDE , AG, MVG and EXK here.

My best to you all.

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Golden Bananas

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JgYuQ4hLxo&feature=related 450 300] ________________________
It’s Ash Wednesday today, and I’m not sure that I’ve been sufficiently penitent, so I’ll leave off the gloating about the big win on yesterday’s pick, BAA.  Suffice it to say that choosing from the juniors yesterday was like throwing a phosphorous grenade into a bucket of comatose darter snails… not very sporting.

But effective, for sure.  I’ll just wrap with my view on where BAA looks like it can be bought again:




















I’m also stalking AAU, here and some more AUY, but that’ll probably not be ripe til next week sometime.  The latter is my Final Four choice, however, so if you want to buy some on Friday, I’d be obliged to ye.

But it”s not just the metal that’s been golden these days, it’s been ag products as well.  I stumbled across an old Cincicrappie name I used to follow (they are now moving to Charlotte, I hear) — Chiquita Banana (CQB) .  This one’s been working itself back along with a bunch of other beat down ags, and who knows, maybe moving out of Ohio means it has a new lease on life?




















Whatever the case, I like it at just a touch above that $9.75 support line.   See you there.

My best to you all, my banana burritos.

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