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Holding Pattern

Nothing much moved today on the PM side as the market collectively held it’s breath waiting for The Bernank’s do-nothing address. That speech, in turn, resulted in a massive shrug of the shoulders after market close today.

There’s some chop back and forth and further attempts upon my person in the form of certain “Chicken-playing” PM stocks (ahem, AAU and EXK, damn you!). These stocks attempt to force me off the road by driving straight at me at 110 mph, whilst drunk on Old Crowe whiskey.

I will not be moved by such crude tactics, and I continue to beleive there will be a bounce in the metal sectors collectively. Action in the minor metals like palladium and platinum are betraying this new direction, and even copper is showing stubborn signs of staying about $4.00.

In the meantime, dollar strength is seemingly being abetted by a weak Ozzie Dollah and Canuckistanian Looney. That too simply cannot be the basis for a dollar rip, so sorry. Not for the long term at least.

So just check yesterday’s chart for tomorrow’s action, as nothing looks very different. On another note, you may want to inspect the FAS-mobile tomorrow as well, as it looks like banks may be ready to roll once again.

Best to you all.

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A Lesson in Econ 101

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTQnarzmTOc 450 300]


Apparently, crack U.S. Special Forces stumbled on JP Morgan’s “lost tonnes” of silver bars whilst cashing in our un-paid receivable with now soundly-dead Osama Bin Hydin’.  This seems the only plausible explanation of the coincident 10% drop in the price of silver last night right as the news of Osama’s involuntary cranial ventilation was breaking. 

Kudo’s to President Barack, by the way, who appears to have begun smoking some of that Bushitlerian war-monger crack and can’t seem to get enough of the rock.   In other stunning news, the vicious San Franciscite anti-war harridans of Code Pink have summarily renamed themselves “Code Ah, It’s Okay,” while long respected gold star mother media queen Cindy Sheehan has unveiled a new website in honor of her President’s recent actions called “If-It’s-Brown-Shoot-It-Down.com.”

Whether or not PETA President Ingrid Newkirk’s newly sponsored Western Kentucky Squirrel Hunt/Democrat Fund Raiser and the Sierra Club’s latest bumper sticker “Yellowstone is for Coal Mining” are further evidence of a sea change in liberal sentiment has yet to be determined.


Despite silver’s no Chinaman low volume sell-off last night, it appears there’s little changed in the direction of the dollar.  What’s more, it looks like gold isn’t even taking the temporary detour that earl, the CRB and silver took last night upon news of Osama’s fatal lobotomy. 

Now I’ve told you about silver being waaaay over it’s 200-day EMA, and that’s why we were switching our focus to gold for now.   This sell-off, however, may give  you an opportunity to play a couple of broken silver miners.  You know I like SLW and EXK the best (both of whom look to be off at least 5% in pre-market), but I also think AG is “catchable” here, (I still have low bids in on that one) and even AGQ may be a play, if an extremely short term one.   Only mess with that last if you are determined to watch it, because it should be swinging big here this week.  Right now it’s down over 10% in the pre-market, which is too much.

On the golds, I continue to like AAU, RGLD and XG.  Also, watch IVN, which has call sellers betting against it, but which could short squozen at any time.

On another note, it’s Derby Week, so I will be trying to talk a little bit about the ponies for the fans.  Do recognize, however, that this is one of my busiest weeks, so let’s keep the comment section hopping and I’ll try to reply from the Crack wherever I may be.

Best to you all, and Happy Osama is Deceased Day!


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A Prince is Wed

Prince Amakamura
No, not that balding ponce, you tossy sods, but Prince Amukamara, the Big-12 Defensive Player of the Year and 6’0″ 219 lb. (eleven stone!) shut down cornerback out of Nebraska, who was wed to the glorious and never diminishing New York Giants Football organization last evening as their 2011 Number One Draft Choice.

And no, you across-the-pond and Eurostanian wankers, not that commie “football,” either, but rather the real thing, with tackling that is encouraged and smiled upon, rather than rewarded with flimsy red cards from referees with tight shorts and no hats.

And let it be known, that in my capacity as the #1 Giant Fan Financial Blogger in the Known Universe, I bestow my blessing on this union (though perhaps not on the NFL Players Union) as a “good match” and for the Giants organization amplify that description by naming it  “a great catch.”  

You see, this kid was supposed to be a top ten draft pick, and I even saw one mock draft that had him going at #6.   There was a tiny bit of hair on him, I guess, given that he enjoyed 5 interceptions in his junior year whilst garnering zero this year.   That can readily be ascribed to quarterbacks never daring to throw in his direction this year, and his largely acknowledged “shut down” reputation, which connotes that the receivers he guarded never caught anything either.  

All that said, I concur 100% with Giant GM Jerry Reese in his assessment that a good defense can “never have enough pass rushers or quality cornerbacks.”   Let’s face it, thanks to TV machinations and wholesale rule changes designed to boost ratings, the NFL has become a passing game.  Despite that tendency in offensive schemes, the old adage that “Defense wins Superbowls” holds true to this day.  Therefore, marrying the two realities, one can only conclude that having superior athletes that can shut down the passing, either by sacking or air-tight coverage (and one can often lead to the other) imperative.

Therefore, I welcome the Prince (he really is a Prince, allegedly, though I doubt you’ll be seeing his nuptials on the E! Network anytime soon) with open arms and great hopes that he will enter the lists — along with Emlen Tunnel, Spider Lockhart, Mark Haynes and Mark Collins— of great Giant defensive backs from this day henceforth.

So shall it be written, so shall it be done.  Amen.


As for the PM trades, the dollar appears to be continuing to flag bearishly, so I am continuing to be opportunstic in my “fishing.”  I actually grabbed a starter position in AG yesterday afternoon (announced first in The PPT) at $21.33.   I also opened a speculative position in SLW (to augment my stock position) by again purchasing the June $35.00 calls at a price just a hair below $7.15 a contract.

On the gold side, I continue to like ANV and AAU, the former for its relative strength and the latter for it’s takeover possibilities.

I continue to keep in place my lower bids for EXK, AG and AGQ for “just in case” fishing purposes, but I’m not really expecting to get much of those filled.  Fact is, the dollar continues to look sickly here, and I think any bounces at this point will continue to be of the deceased feline variety.
Best to you all.


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Dollar Death Dance

dollar death dance
Some prefer to chart the mathematical spreads between petroleum jelly and its tasty chemical equal, petroleum margarine (I can’t believe it’s not butter!), all the while poking a charred oak barrel stave into the entrails of a freshly killed hedge mole for further signs of rain or drought.

Me? I’m a man of simpler methodologies and observations. And over the last ten years, there’s rarely been a more able indicator than the following monthly view of this pathetic store of national goods and services:

Note that we’ve recently breached one near term support.  I don’t expect the dollar will be done keening into the night until we reach that second basing area, well below $71.00.

Luckily for us, that means we can still make some lemonade and Jack out of these lemons and white corn.  Despite the opprobrius doomsaying of the terminal top pickers, I’m coming across a number of charts that do NOT look like the now-cliched blowoff top we’re all expecting in the physical commodities, and specifically, the precious metals.   In this case, the miners have become “the tell” after lagging the physical commodities for some weeks now.

Take for example one of my finest stalwart Jacksonians, ANV.  Remember this set-up chart from mere days ago?

Pretty measured flag and pop formation right?   Now look again, mere days later… Does this methodical ascent give you pause to believe we’re pricing ourselvs to oblivion here?  Not me:

I get the same frisson from a number of other names that have pulled back and consolidated while the commodity metals themselves have gone somewhat bonkers.   As a result, these babies have room to roll for at least another goodly ascent to the stratos.  Consider AAU, which I’ve accumulated quite a bit of in these last weeks.  Recall this weekly chart from just before Valentine’s Day?

Now look at what has taken place just these last two days:

Does that chart scream out “exhaustion” to you?  Me neither.    

Last, let’s not forget some metals which aren’t so much “precious” as they are scarce.   Because of that concern, we can see moves and profitability in names like REE and AVL like we’ve seen with some of our precious names.   My favorite of the moment continues to be QSURF, which broke to new highs today like it was hocking silver on the side:

Go get ’em, tigers.  


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Rippin’ Lips, Catching Tips

ripping lips
NOTE: This was a Thursday morning post, although still relevant.  Apologies for the rasslin’ w. both location and WordPress problems…


Silver is in a runaway move here.  There, I’ve said it. It could end within ten minutes of trading today, or it could end in two to six weeks from now.  I really believed we’d get a sharp pullback from our most recent moves, and perhaps we still will, but there’s no denying we’re in major breakout territory here.

I have no advice to give, save that you do not get reckless and leverage yourself into ruin.   I have been cutting back here, and adding to my gold names in hopes of a catchup.   This late in the day, however, is not the time to start getting careless.

Here’s the thing… this will end and likely soon, but it will not be The End, if you know what I’m saying.  In other words, there will be other opportunities to play this bull.  Make sure you have the capital to do so.

Right now, I’d be looking at underserved names… Ironically, SLW is one of them, as it had a hard pullback yesterday, if only to it’s 50-day EMA (and 13-week EMA as well).   I may grab back some of the exposure I sold there over the last couple of weeks.   I will know by 10 am what direction I will take.

I also continue to like AAU and a number of other small names which should be popping today.  Check also AUMN on the gold side, as well as IVN and BAA — two other late bloomers.  

Best to you all.   Oh… and Happy Maundy Thursday and Passover.  Think about going to church/shul this year.


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My What an Enjoyable Ride…

Saw Coaster

… No?


What’s the matter? You don’t like gut-scissoring roller-coaster rides with your daily portfolio analysis?

C’mon, Mr. Pushups, suck it up.   Take one for the team, bear down.  Raise greasy lettuce for samitches.

Did you sell anything today?   I did, but not a whole lot.   My biggest move today was gettting rid of about half of my AGQ earlier today at prices north of $261.   It’s a deleveraging play, much like getting rid of my call options the other day.  I also sold 40% of my PAAS at prices well north of $41.60

 I didn’t sell any more EXK (I’d already dropped 10k shares last week), even though it did the “Egregious St. Vitas Dance” today.   It’s interesting to note my warning post of last week here.  Recall this?

Remember that green line I drew up there when I was cautioning you to let a little go last week?  Well, here’s that same chart today…

Uncanny, no?  

Will it hold?  I’m not sure, and we must remember these momentum burners tend to have the harshest pullbacks.   That said, I still like EXK on a further pullback, as well as SLW if you are lucky.   On the young gold side, AAU, NGD and yes, EGO are already starting to look tasty.   ANV is not far behind, and keep in mind also “dark horse” and relatively recently introduced XG.   If it continues to move  like this I will do a feature on it soon.  

Keep in mind these things can get oversold in two days… it’s just that volatile.   So be ready with your trenchers full of soapy cabbage for opportunities that will be knocking sooner than you might believe.

Best to you all.


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