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The iBankCoin Financial Video Library is a collection of Boot camps and guides to reading and understanding current market conditions. Hosted by Jeff Kohler (a.k.a The Option Addict), each session will give you the skills you need to succeed under a variety of conditions.

Videos can be purchased individually for just $39.95 or in a complete series at a 25% discount.

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Q2 2017 Bootcamp

My predictions for 2017 continue to develop into mid year, but the timing of them heading into this meeting is critical. While everyone was in favor of the Trump trade, we explore why that was abandoned and why you should buy into what Wall Street is trying to sell away.

  • Session One: How the Pro’s are Positioned: Fund Flows, Cash and Rotations
  • Session Two: Should You Go Away or Stay and Play This Summer?
  • Session Three: Opportunities and Risks of a Single Digit VIX
  • Session Four: Bonds, Gold or Bitcoins?
  • Session Five: Pain Trades and Top Ideas for 2017
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Q1 2017 Bootcamp

My predictions dating back to 2015 continue to outshine the investment community. While everyone was in doubt and caught off sides in 2016, we positioned for greatness last year. In 2017, I see periods of feast and famine that you need to be aware of.

  • Session One: A Review of My 2016 Predictions
  • Session Two: Downside Risks to 2017 – The “What If’s” and How to Properly Predict a Correction
  • Session Three: Out With the Old, In With the New: 2017 Market Rotations
  • Session Four: A Historical Look at Market Sentiment Shifts
  • Session Five: The Very Best Longs and Shorts for 2017
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Q4 2016 Bootcamp

My predictions for 2016 have been spot on! With the investment community off sides, and the retail community in disbelief, the way things have set up this year I show how this translates into a great 2017.

  • Session One: A Review of My 2016 Predictions
  • Session Two: A Trumped Up Market!
  • Session Three: A Crowded Trade Unwinding
  • Session Four: The Pain Trade of 2017
  • Session Five: My 2017 Outlook and Predictions
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Q3 2016 Bootcamp

The sector rotations in 2016 have been quite dramatic. Even as US markets make new all-time highs, many parts of the globe remain volatile. Foreboding charts are stirring up popular interest in precious metals; but are they your best bet going forward? Jeff shares his strategy for finishing 2016 strong, while making preparations for what promises to be an exciting year ahead.

  • Session One: Market Analysis Told By Sector Gains
  • Session Two: A Look at Global Markets in Turmoil
  • Session Three: The Scariest Charts Heading Into YE
  • Session Four: Gold and Silver – Still Shining?
  • Session Five: My Single Best Idea For Q3
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iBankCoin Guide to Picking Stocks

I’ve put together a presentation that will incorporate all methods and tools I use into a series of presentations. These are the tools and techniques I’ve learned over my career observing markets, trends, and behavioral patterns. At the end of this camp, you’ll have a checklist of actionable methods of analysis to recognize the next market rotation, the next industry buying frenzy, and how aggressive market participants are getting. When we’re done, you’ll have all the skills needed to locate the next explosive movement in the market.

  • Session One: Stock market or market of stocks?
  • Session Two: Measuring the Market’s Risk Appetite
  • Session Three: Labeling Stocks: Trash or Treasure?
  • Session Four: Individual Stock and Risk Rotation
  • Session Five: Entry/Exit Techniques and Creating a Plan
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