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This is Why

… you don’t short on the next down day.  The market is schizo-bipolar-phrenic.  Keep your positions short term long, and long term short.  In fact, looking back, today was a good day-trading day, especially in the energy sector.  At the moment, I am dissecting [[hk]], which is going to be a great day-trading stock for the next few weeks.   Unfortunately I missed today’s run, but with I expect a reversal at the end of the week, so if I do get it, then I will short HK hard if it has no follow-through.  If HK can survive (ie, only drops no more than -2% from today’s close) then I will go long for a few days with a target above 20.  Nothing magical or rocket-science here, just simple momentum play as I’ve done them hundreds of times before.

Stock up on my portfolio:

[[gmcr]]  (will exit this week)

[[gil]] [[pcln]]  … approaching 200 again.  196 will be tough to get over.

[[hitk]]  … sector is losing momentum.  will revisit later.

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