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SOTY Update: DANG Buy Alert

(I’m using “SOTY” for my Stocks of The Year list.  I have a few picks in the past few weeks called “Best Stocks for 2011”, and BSFTTE didn’t seem like a good acronym.)

First of all, the number 2 is still broken on my keyboard, so I went and got a 10-key plugged in.  Yay.

Okay, now open this in a new window and mess around with the moving averages, because I’m trying to figure out the next breakout point for DANG.  Fly mentioned using the 20 moving average as a good spot for most momentum stock, and I’m assuming it applies here too.  Anyway, tell me what you think.

Based on price-to-volume measures, DANG is a buy as of January 6, and today’s follow-through is good news for you DANG longs, dangit. I’m guessing next lift-off point is at 30.50.

Why do Asians love the word “Joy”? I see it on every campaign.

We like DANG for its growth potential.  A recent survey by Visa shows that online spending is increasing in China, ranking second behind Taiwan.  We don’t really like Mecox Online (MCOX) right now, at least until they set things straight with investors. 

Have fun with DANG.  Meanwhile, as much as I like DANG, I can’t wait to invest in this company… 😉

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  1. Gio

    Up up up, go DANG go.

    Today’s watch: GORO, ENTR, PWER, ONCY

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  2. Kev

    Hey Gio – do you think RLOC is still a good long term hold after this ridonkulous run up of 20% (PS Thanks)? Fly already sold his but when I originally bought in I was imagining a long term hold…

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