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Get a new phone

Ready, set go!  Twenty-Ten is the year of the mobile phone.  The past ten years have been all but a test period, now is the time we will see some pretty awesome phones.  iPhone of the West and Nokia of the East have pretty much pioneered the way and I can’t wait to see what all the other companies have been hiding in their pipelines.  Now I can see why Fly has been promoting the sector quite a lot in The PPT since last fall.  Here are some great phones on the market right now that are here to excite you (and bring you up to conversation with the rest of the world)…

3.  Google Nexus One:  Wow, HTC makes  a phone that looks… just like an iPhone.  Lol.  I think the key difference here is that HTC’s processor is by Qualcomm, and that it runs Flash.  So, if you’ve ever had the chance to browse the internet on the Nexus One, then you’ll see it’s more of a true internet experience.  Remember, 80% of video media on the internet is via Flash.  However, of that 80%, half of that is ads!  LOL.  So, it’s good and bad.  Anyway, if you got to Google.com, you’ll notice they have no problem advertising the Nexus 1.  My question is, why is Google partnering with HTC?  Anyway, for now, I’ll say it’s a nice alternative to the iPhone 3GS, but still, why would you want to forgoe the iPhone?   Stocks:  GOOG, ADBE, QCOM

2. iPhone 3GS:   basically just like the original iPhone 3g, but the letter “s” now moves you into elite territory with new features like video, digital compass, voice control, and 3 more hours of battery life.  You know what that means… more time for you to update your FaceBook.  And its twice as fast, so now you can make all the regular iPhone owners your slaves.  Unfortunately, you’re stuck with AT&T.   Stocks:  AAPL

1.  Nokia N900-  Ah!  This is why you would not buy an iPhone.  If you’re into multimedia and crisp clear video, and a qwterty board, then the Nokia N900 is your phone.  It really wasn’t meant to be a phone from what I heard, but a “touch tablet.”  Whatevers… it’s nice.  Currently I’m testing one out, and the software is amazing.  The apps are straight forward, processor runs at about 600 mhz, and watching video on it is impressive.  They go for about 700 on ebay right now, so don’t go and blow your money on it just yet.  Other features that are top in its class are a 5 mp Carl Zeiss camera, 3G network unlocked, and 32 GB storage.  Stocks:  NOK

Other mobile-related stocks to keep an eye out on:  MVIS, NTES (yup yup!)

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  1. Doc

    There are many more stocks benefitting from god phones. Sprint leading the way on 4G networks. MRVL makes WiFi chips in many of the handsets and let’s not forget my one treu love, NVDA, master of all things graphic (PUN intended).

    Beyond that maybe companies that build or lease cell towers, don’t forget satellites, fiber optics or the likes of CSCO for the extra bandwidth and network demands.

    Communication companies will also benefit from the ever increasing outsourcing as companies have found new ways to cut costs while maintaining productivity. Which would be a second reason to like the same sectors benefitting from smartphones.

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  2. MOOBS

    Zeiss is nice. I fancy myself a good amature photog, and enjoy a nice Zeiss with a slice and rice.

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  3. JakeGint

    Whattabout the MOT Droid phone? And WTF with Nokia “in the east?”

    Since when is Finland “the East?”


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