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Buy TASR Short SWHC or RGR

The biggest no brainer trade I have ever seen is to buy Taser (TASR) and short Smith & Wesson (SWHC) or Sturm, Ruger (RGR). Guns are going to become like cigarettes only MUCH WORSE.  Friday’s events guaranteed the fate of guns. This argument is so simple that I do not need to do detailed fundamental and technical reviews of the three stocks.

Guns will be allowed for hunters but the semi-automatic weapon and assault weapons are going to be banned. End of story. All guns will have to be registered and mandatory jail time for owning an unregistered gun. We are at the beginning of the rise of Taser. The gun nuts are going to get what they thought they would with Obama as President and this is a good thing.

Police departments have already begun to use the Taser over guns. Taser also has a product for police departments to record all police interaction via a camera on an officer’s sunglasses or hat.  Taser blew out numbers last quarter and with smart marketing they will convince people to trade a gun for a Taser.

I sold Taser at $8.08 on October 26th and this morning I will be a buyer based on the above. Oh and buy the way, the short ratio is 6.54 so shorts will feel the pressure of the change that will be forthcoming.

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  1. Montrose

    The relationship between gun ownership and crime do not support your assertion that drastic changes to gun laws will be made. I think that given the time required to institute such changes, the facts will prevail over emotional arguments even those based on last week’s horrendous event.

    Your strategy may work over the short term, but if so, I’d take profits fast. You’re not going to stop crimes like last week’s with a taser when your perpetrator has a handgun or rifle.

  2. ggarbacz

    You do not get it. The changes that will happen will dramatic in nature and change how guns are owned.

    Look for a trade in of semi-automatic and assault weapons. This may seem unlikely but only time will tell.

  3. drummerboy

    nothing will’s a hot button issue that no one wants to touch for fear of being out of a job.tour thesis for long tsr and short the others is fool hardy at best. tell us how the trade works out.

  4. The Fly

    It’s always the simple trades that go horribly wrong.

    Go look up past events and see what SWHC and RGR share prices did afterwards.

    There will not be a ban on guns.

  5. The Fly

    Hey, but thanks for sharing!

  6. ggarbacz

    I believe this time is different with respect to how this will play out. Time will tell if I am correct on SWHC and RGR but I know that TASR will be riding a wave for the next few years and the shorts will be caught.

  7. ggarbacz

    Well boys looks like I am correct in my analysis. Cerberus will sell Freedom Group due to Cal STERS pressure. Bye bye SWHC RGR as I stated yesterday. Guns will become the new cigarette. Being a Political Science major has served me well the last 26 years to assess the political environment.

  8. The Fly

    Great call.

    you were right and I was wrong.

    It was common sense.

  9. voltrade

    buying a story

  10. The Eye-Talian Stallion
    The Eye-Talian Stallion

    Hunting rifles are semi-automatic. And we have that pesky little thing called the 2nd amendment. Have you ever shot anything other than a BB gun?

  11. ggarbacz

    Thanks for the kind words Le Fly. Great traders have the ability to be long and then go short. Hard thing to do but is the right thing.