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Maintenance Items Remain With $IWM Calls and Close Out $GDX Calls

I have been out skiing for several days but now am back. After getting back up to speed on Monday and Tuesday action, I have a couple thoughts.

I recommended $IWM April $153 Calls here last week and sticking with them for a bounce into next week. Also, recommended were calls in $GDX. The recommendation price of the $GDX April $21 Call was $1 and they are trading at $1.04 currently. So close this out as gold is not acting like it should for GDX to go higher.

In terms of both Monday and Tuesday, I thought both days saw bogus action. Especially the gap up on Monday and then the selling from 1:30 into the close on Tuesday. It should be noted the only legitimate volume on $SPY happened from 3:45 p.m. EDT to 4:00 p.m. EDT. Tuesday was simply a “liquidity suck”. Understand that machines are in charge. That is all for now. Have a great long weekend and get ready for the second quarter.

P.S. I am in complete agreement with Le Fly that the president’s tweet this morning on $AMZN was out of control. See my tweet under Bullet86 early this morning. Trump needs to shut the f$#k up and go to sleep for a quarter or two.



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  1. Phileo99

    Just wondering, are you still holding your IWM calls?

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