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Have You Stress Tested Your Portfolio?

It seemingly one-market markets like this one has been for a while, it is very easy to lose track of the fact that eventually even the strongest or weakest of markets change character. It is worth taking a look at all of your portfolios–long-term especially–and stress testing them for upcoming severe turbulence, just in case.

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Good Bear, Bad Bear


Despite a post-election gap higher this morning, my biotech short is still working in my favor. In addition, short setups abound, including AMZN F GM LVS MGM WYNN, and others. A few recent IPO’s like LOCO RWLK still appear to be decent long setups on strength, and BIDU is a relative strength standout.

Also keep an eye on DDD PRLB to see if they follow peer SSYS lower in the 3D printing space.

One other area I am watching for a reversal lower would be the REITs, as the steep run higher the IYR has had looks long in the tooth.

Overall, though, not much has changed for me and my market posture. Bears in certain parts of the market continue to get run over, while other types of bears are making out surprisingly well.

I suspect a close in the red today would set up further weakness into next week. But, as we know, that is a big “if” considering we can expect dip-buyers to give it the usual effort sometime today.

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This is Tricky

Well, it is still a tricky market in the sense that the best technical long setups I see are recent IPO’s with young charts basing along, namely LOCO MBLY RWLK TUBE. Typically, these IPO’s need a bit more time to develop an ebb-and-flow to the chart before they can be seem as quality setups.

But the pickens are slim, overall, for fresh entries in the tape. And the above-listed names will have to do, on further strength.

Which stocks are at the top of your watchlists this morning?

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Night Owl Open Forum


For you night owls out there, feel free to drop me any market/trading-related topics you would like me to cover in a weekend video.

In addition, anything else about the current market, feel free to drop below.

Speak your mind, night owls.

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Ash Wednesday Coming Up for Coal Miners


In the wake of the GOP victories on Tuesday, if coal miners cannot stage an effective, snapback rally at this point then they truly are going out of business.

I still like WLT the best.

Drop me your top tickers overnight.

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Stock #Market Recap 11/04/14 {Video}

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