Asshole Tennessee Cop Policing for Profit – Warrantless Theft of Money During Traffic Stop


It becomes a sad time to be an American when you cannot trust those who are sworn to protect and serve. I’m sure there are those who would argue that the majority of cops are simply doing their job, that they abide by the constitution and willfully serve the citizens of their communities. Well, assholes like this piece of shit here in Tennessee certainly makes the case for not trusting cops. Apparently George Reby from New Jersey was traveling I-40 to pick up a car he purchased on eBay. His first mistake was speeding and getting stopped by Officer Larry Bates. has the report from NewsChannel 5 Investigates:

George Reby was driving down Interstate 40, heading west through Putnam County, when he was stopped for speeding.

A Monterey police officer wanted to know if he was carrying any large amounts of cash.

“I said, ‘Around $20,000,’” he recalled. “Then, at the point, he said, ‘Do you mind if I search your vehicle?’ I said, ‘No, I don’t mind.’ I certainly didn’t feel I was doing anything wrong. It was my money.”

That’s when Officer Larry Bates confiscated the cash based on his suspicion that it was drug money.

Bates said the amount of money and the way it was packed gave him reason to be suspicious.

“The safest place to put your money if it’s legitimate is in a bank account,” he explained. “He stated he had two. I would put it in a bank account. It draws interest and it’s safer.”

“But it’s not illegal to carry cash,” we noted.

“No, it’s not illegal to carry cash,” Bates said. “Again, it’s what the cash is being used for to facilitate or what it is being utilized for.”

NewsChannel 5 Investigates noted, “But you had no proof that money was being used for drug trafficking, correct? No proof?”

“And he couldn’t prove it was legitimate,” Bates insisted.

In fact, Reby had proof on his computer. [The ebay evidence he showed the officer was not sufficient]

“On the street, a thousand-dollar bundle could approximately buy two ounces of cocaine,” Bates told NewsChannel 5 Investigates.

“Or the money could have been used to buy a car,” we observed.

“It’s possible,” he admitted.

NewsChannel 5 Investigates asked Bates if Reby had told him that he was trying to buy a car?

“He did,” the officer acknowledged.

“But you did not include that in your report,” we noted.

“If it’s not in there, I didn’t put it in there.”

So why did he leave that out?

“I don’t know,” the officer said.

If this NJ guy can’t get a lawyer to help him out of this jam then that money is going to be stolen by the State of TN. As SHTF indicates the TN law legitimizes this theft. Imagine if the man had done like most people and refused to give up HIS money. Tons of legal hell from the jackboots would rain down on him.

…the protections laid out by the Constitution of the United States of America mean absolutely nothing to the sycophants and thieves who we have entrusted with preserving our most dearly held principles.


The lesson here: Never, never, consent to a search. Protect your 4th amendment right. The police state is tightening it’s grip. Somehow, someway we have to start taking a stand.

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  1. I can’t believe I read that article and didn’t see a reference to ‘freedom’, protecting ‘freedoms’, or America is free.

  2. protestors at the nato summit that are being arrested,are being “booked” as” terrorist’s”. steal your money AND our rights. WHATS NOT TO LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I understand this has been going on for some time, as off the record “policy” in many police departments. Not so much for the officer but for the department. They confiscate cash and valuables under the guise of it being drug money. The driver’s prime mistake was driving through the area with out of state tags. Second mistake was not using another method of conveying cash from point A to point B. Of course neither of these should be mistakes, but in a predatory law enforcement situation they are.

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