Rhinos’s Look Book


It’s fashion week somewhere right?

I don’t have a look book, but I do have a book that contains alphabet soup, constantly looking to achieve greatness. Here is what it contains (by position size):


UA +6.95%

NFLX +30.47%

GILD 5.64%

SPF -3.02%

PMM -1.43%

LGF 2.19%

DDD -1.90%

BEN 0.26%

MGA 0.57%

TSLA  –3.15

PMT 0.27%

SWHC 5.26%



LULU 5.74%


JASO 22.08%

TSL 14.08%

CCL 2.85%

JOSB -4.77%

LDK 25.66%

After I sell my lings into tax day, I will be looking to allocate said cash partly into PMM, the name provides a monthly tax free dividend, and has served me well for a long time. I’m also working on my next round of epic shorts, and I believe that BCOV might just be one, developing.

As many of you know, I made it to the final round in iBC’s March Madness Stock Contest, my GILD is up against Pashavee’s GIL (funny right?). Here is currently beating me by 0.5% and I do not like this, but GILD has being putting out some really good news in the past two days. Also, it seems the abnormally cold weather on the East Coast and in the Midwest,has cause many retailers to mark down their early spring offerings, because the demand is lacking. These may both just be pipe dreams,  but I really want to win, and have three days to do so.


4 Responses to “Rhinos’s Look Book”

  1. I’ve been *not* listening to Pandora out of Rhino respect for what seems like all of March. I’ll try not listening with more vigor. It’s time for $P to bleed….

    • The Once and Future Rhino

      Thanks as usual, Unc. Either that are going to get bought our not, I either make a lot of money, or I lose a little.

  2. don’t forget to factor dividends into your return calculations

    • I haven’t been, because the degenerates are too pea brained to be able to hold a stock that long. I have told them multiple times about PMM, with the lady’s dividends and returns, she is up ~20%, and very happy. She was very skeptical in the beginning. we gotta talk tomorrow, I have the PERFECT idea for the second endeavor.

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