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Setups To Watch

It feels like we have an end of year chase in progress. Over the weekend crypto continues to act well, with BTC pushing to $40,000. The NFT market is also heating up with Pudgy Penguins trading to 10 ETH. Indeed, there is an appetite for risk. And, people still think a rate cut is coming next year? I’m not so sure, other than the fact interest is killing the USA with a debt load nearing 50 trillion. This new white lung pandemic should be fun. I digress.

Friday’s scan left 200+ tickers to sort through, a number that is increasing week over week. I went ahead and imported the weekend scan for the unwashed: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS.

Members of iBankCoin’s premium service can save the scan HERE.

Tickers I will be watching this week include: RIVN, CELH, DOCU, CLF, HOOD, CHWY, AA, JOBY, CVNA, AI, QS, TDOC, MARA, BB, PTON, ACHR, BCRX, PGY, FUBO, HUT, HIVE, BKKT, GOTU, RGTI, & TLRY (CHARTS)

Have a great week all!

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