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Momentum Monday

What a way to start the week with the Dow Jones, the old man index, up a cool 1300 points. I can see Trump strutting around the White House after reading the headline, “Dow sees biggest-ever point gain“.  Nothing can stop new inflows of money pouring in on the first trading day of the month, not even COVID-19.

I’m a little skeptical of this rally, but it is what it is. Price action is everything, and the momentum screen inside Exodus was lit. Today’s screen produced well over 100 charts, and the imported link can be found HERE. Exodus members can bookmark the screen HERE.

For those that just want the actionable ideas, the best looking charts from today’s screen, see below:


I really like that $LVGO. We’ll see if this move sticks. Off to eat a whole box of Girl Scout Cookies….

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