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Market Back To New Highs; $TLRY Sees Largest Algorithmic Move

The market is trading back to new highs on the backs of a China trade war truce, yet many names– specifically the FANG names, are not leading us higher. $V was one name that traded to a new 52-week high, as did the following: CLICK HERE FOR 52-week High List 

As Far as our Hybrid movers found inside Exodus, here were your leaders today:


I ended up taking down some $TLRY on the day on the backs of this large hybrid move. The technicals are ripe, the shorts are loaded, and I have the Exodus algorithm on my side.

I hope all made money today, and all had some $TWTR in their portfolio. If you failed at both, come check out the Exodus trading room HERE.

Have a good evening all.

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