$SNFCA Continues Moonshot


$SNFCA recently made the high tight flag screen, and began a moonshot the very next day. It is up over 15% since I first posted about it.

HTFs that shoot up like this one has can easily double in a short period of time. Keep an eye on it.

The technical breakout point for this one is $11.47.

3 Responses to “$SNFCA Continues Moonshot”

  1. Have you ever kept track of a “win percentage” or similar figure for these hight tight flags? This is another killer find

  2. I bought this one in early December and it’s been rocking ever since (except for a brief period leading up to the fiscal cliff agreement). I’m surprised it’s not getting more buzz – hardly anybody has mentioned it and it’s my best performer of the month. Up 7.14% today alone.

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