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Last Week, Power Dip Surges; Dow, Naz, S&P Fall

PDS bucked the trend of the broader markets last week, racking up nice gains across all models…

From 5.13.11 close to 5.20.11 close:

  • SPY -0.32%
  • IWM -0.78%
  • QQQQ -1.10%
  • DIA -0.88%

PDS Models over last week:

  • 10% Equity Per Trade +2.21%
  • 20% Equity Per Trade +3.17%
  • 3ATR Position SizingĀ  +2.90%

As posted a couple of weeks ago, PDS was stretched fairly significantly beneath its long-term averages in terms of its average trade and win percentage. Although I expected the system’s performance to bounce, it is still nice to see it bucking the trends of the broader markets.

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