Saturday, December 3, 2016
I patiently trade the fundamentals - with a technical machete.
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Trade Construction – Building Over Time

I don’t enter a trade at a single specific level – with a single idea in mind that I’ve got it exactly right – I construct the trade over time.

The larger time frames and current fundamentals “frame the trade” – while the “finishing work” plays out day to day on the smaller time frames. Weeks can go by while building / working on one trade, as other projects are started – and others reach completion. It’s a constant process and can often grow to include up to 12 – 15 currency pairs at any given time.

Confidence in the “blueprint” is essential as the day to day work can get extremely complicated – much as you can imagine a modern day construction site with all it’s facets. With no “master plan” it’s highly unlikely you’ll see much work getting done.

The short USD trades , as well as the long JPY’s have been paying off – and should continue to pay off, but I’d be lieing if I said it’s been a cakewalk.

USD has much further to fall, and JPY is still ranging / grinding along the bottom. I see larger moves ahead.

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  1. Open small position long yen. If not now, then, when?

  2. It’s a great place to start for sure.

    I have orders “lying in wait” under current price action in many JPY pairs, and generally “scale in” to positions.

    If I was to start again – I’d most certainly dip my toe in the water here after todays pop.

  3. I’m going to add a bit to yen positions today. Looks like some of the yen crosses are producing ending diagonals. Good times ahead

  4. Closed up my eurusd short for the sum of a kings head. Audusd too. Good trading environment. Lots of action!