Saturday, December 10, 2016
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The Gong Show Continues

I have no concerns about where this market is headed – only the time that it’s taking.

Originally “The Gong Show” had the judges endure 20 seconds of an act before they where able to “gong them” – then it was extended to 30 seconds….then 45 as the laughter and anticipation built higher and higher – before (unfortunately) the hapless act would finally meet their fate.

If I where one of three judges – I already “banged my kong” back on March 30th with suggestion that the Canadian “TSX” had most definately topped, and that “risk in general” was gonna sing and dance it’s way right off stage around SP 1550 -1600.

Perhaps “volume” or overall market participation is also sitting next to me as one of three….man…he “konged” even sooner!

And last but not least – our third discerning judge….I’ll leave that one for you to ponder.

Anyone consider the “crater” in TLT just a tad concerning?

I don’t.


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  1. The market is a giant tool right now. I bought ES puts today

  2. It’s funny. I’m told time and time again that “trading forex is nuts” – “I can’t take it” etc…..and this from an options trader on the U.S exchange!

    I’ve been (more or less) short risk for weeks now – and sqeezing profits, as I’m a firm believer that currency movement certainly leads.

    Unlikley Ill have a “bullish” view for a long , long time.

  3. Hey you are from Canada? What city, town, or buttfuck village? I’m from Kelowna. Did a 10 yr stint in Vancouver as well

  4. Yes I’m Canadian and have lived all over the country. Vancouver and Vancouver Island my last “home”.