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What we know and dont know

Lets face it, 20 to 41 was a very nice move. If you wake up and see it at 30, is it a buy or a sell?

The only thing VHC holders did wrong was to under estimate the shorts ability to get the media to be on their side. I don’t like to name names, however Herb G. should check his neck.

These types of fights keep everything real. You either embrace it and bank coin or you run away. I compare this stock with one I have traded for years. Same shit, big short position, people saying it was worthless, even Herbie G came out and bashed it. At times, I would think twice about my whole premiss regarding the stock. A few times getting shook out because of this. Guess what? IOC is trading much higher and I have banked coin all the way.

Things are being worked on as I write this. VHC is a much better investment then IOC @ 15-25 in my opinion. Only near term risk I see is fear
and not knowing.

I know. So, dont be stupid you dummy.


chuck bennett

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