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all the pain today, and now George Jefferson is dead? Whats next?

My best wishes to Wizzie and Lionel.

Up dates. KS is strong, I sold some shares and options over the last 4 days. Only because the stupid market forced me to do so.

CGA is being accumulated and in a short time, I hope to reveal to all of you my reason in the form of an announcment of # #### #### by ##########. 6.50 to 7.00, 8 would be real sweet and fair. You girls should have learned years ago. I dont think I should remind you. I’m 100% whe it comes to this sort of thing.

VHC, let me just say Herb G. ###### us. Everything he said friday was wrong, not sure if he even got the number of employees right. 13 or 14?
Larson has 6.9 million out of 9 million pledged for a 5 million dollar loan. Was it right to compare him or to a margined out GMCR insider? Short answer no, however only if you did it on purpose. If that is the case, its very fair for him and any shorts he and Jim “the kiss of death” Cramer may know or attend church with.  This guy may have his own agenda,  a few things give it away.  Nobody acts this way unless they do.

 Just like with politics, if  people knew the truth, most politicians and Greenbergs would be in Jail or worse. For Greenberg, I hope he gets bloom syndrom and tay-sachs disease tomorrow morning. (at least I didnt say cystic fibrosis) only because VRTX will cure him.

Mr. Short, who has a 12b 5-1,plan selling shares I think has been doing it right. Perhaps he should stop selling and start buying at this point. It will give these vagrants one less tool to trick little old retail investors and other forms of smurfs out of their shares. (YELP comes to mind)

I can predict this, VHC will trade to a new high in a month or so. Thus, if you use this for what it is. The coin will be banked. This was a gift for all you late comers who bought this shit at the highs. We are 14 shitty point from 42. Buy it now or shut the f### up already with your 400 shares.

Dont forget, I single handedly stop this from going down when I let some shares go @ 27.90 and 30 . I called it to this effect. Your fu##ing welcome. I will be buying it back shortly.


chuck bennett

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  1. jimmy_two_times

    Charles, if I may, thank you for your capitulation trade.

    I am long this in size, and appreciate your insight.

    Note to self: don’t go on vacay with such a volatile stock. I could have banked 15%+ in a short time and would have been in now.

    Long and strong, and yes Herb should be kiel hauled.

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  2. ecchymosis

    I second Jimmy_Two_Times (so to speak)

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  3. flyaway18

    Honest to God, Chuck, I think you wrote more coherently when you posted after a few drinks.

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  4. The Equalizer

    Indeud, Chuck. Still in it, but I came damn close to capitulation myself.

    Fuckery abounds in this market. Thanks for taking one for the team.

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