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VHC talk (Victory Edition)

(Originally posted 11/5)

After the close today, judge davis dismissed about 20 Apple motions in 30 seconds. Odd no?

I hear some drivel about “what if VHC wins but gets a much smaller amount? stock will go down ” I have a few things to say about that. Some of this comes straight from the devil’s mouth.

Lets figure this out, asking for 700 million for past damages, lets just say they get 200 million. Oh no saul…. this is terrible, right? With the 70 million they have from MSFT it will last them almost 5 years. Question, how much time will 200 million give them?

Take it a step further, consider future revenue coming from 4G. How much will that be?

Is the size of the past infringement amount really that important if you think about the on going rev coming from the future. I say no. The amount doesnt mean shit. Small or large.

Your in the school yard, my high school down in south jersey. You get into a fight with the badest mother Fer in the school. 6’6, 280, running a 4.40 sec 40 yard dash. You just kick the sh-t out of the dude. Everyone just saw it and knows you the F you are.

This is the beginning, and CSCO, Seimans, Samsung, LG , Google you name it, they all will cave.

Its that simple, I dont give a sh-t about some amount, only the victory.

This subject has just been adressed. No it is up to you. Man up or p-ss out.


chuck bennett

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