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Hence my reign cometh to an endeth…

hey all,

It’s fitting, somehow… Today, the last day of my KoPG reign, a day when we saw a monstrous gap up which mostly held and even advanced, I found myself trapped inside an MRI machine for most of the trading day…

Yes, between getting there through the morning traffic, waiting, taking the first scan, machine breaking just before the end, them trying, for an HOUR to reboot it, then having to re-do the scan on another machine, then driving home in the afternoon traffic, well, I had no contact with the market at all… But I managed to end the day with 0% loss, on the account of my 100% cash position 🙂

This is good.. In the past, I’d obsess over missing the gap up, which (I know) is stupid beyond belief. But it was this obsession which caused me to do stupid things, trading wise, and, well, the rest is history.

I wish all my (soon to be ex-) subjects the best of trading in the future, and see you all in the PG and in The PPT UserNotes section!


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  1. lg

    I’ve learned a lot from you Omen. I will miss you here but I’m glad we will be in 12631 together. I hope your MRI turns out great.

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