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Panning for PPT Gold

I salute you, tipping my fictitious cap as I sit by the side of a virtual river spewing capital to all those suave enough to seduce it. My pipe tastes delicious, as always, thank you for asking.

Looks as though those overpriced tickets the bears were selling for a ride off the cliff were a big hit, so much so that it’s time for another load of late longs to be met with cold, hard concrete for their most erroneous albeit zealous buy-orders of late.

Everyone has a use and being wise and humble enough to know where I fit in, if anywhere into this sites framework, it has to do with mining. I don’t work in the financial industry, I don’t manage others money, I’m not an economist or an analyst for those professions are even more boring than counting beans.

However this man does have a penchant for ALL THINGS LUCRATIVE and as a result I’ll be panning The PPT for golden gems, shit you’ve never heard of on the verge of BTFO and share some of my findings with you, the pathetic and painstakingly ignorant public. If you’re a distinguished member of The PPT please ignore my previous sentence, if you’re not, please read it again. Shall we commence?

Today with all the uncertainty I’m looking for stocks that are still accumulating and have a low beta. Low beta is great for these “uncertain times” and if something is accumulating despite this pullback, it’s a good sign. Remember these screens aren’t cut to just go out and buy based on, however I’m sure it will happen. However it is used as a means to identify things potentially worth investigating further. Once you send that “buy order” it’s too late to start doing homework, unless of course you’re a neurotic and then that’s your business.

3 Stocks Accumulating with Low Beta

SSYSunLink Health Systems Inc – Beta = -0.43 – Hybrid 3.18

The Company is a provider of healthcare services in certain rural and exurban markets in the United States. They reported a 4th quarter $0.11 EPS and the market is loving it.

Concerns: Volume is putrid to the tune of ~10,000 a day. Could get trapped.

FirstMerit Corp (FMER) Beta: 0.10 – Hybrid 3.32

A bank holding company, which through FirstMerit Bank provides a range of banking, fiduciary, financial, insurance and investment services to corporate, institutional and individual customers throughout northern and central Ohio, & western Pennsylvania.

The Coca Cola Co (KO) Beta: 0.65 – Hybrid 3.71

The Company is a manufacturer, distributor and marketer of nonalcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups in the world.

Other notables include but are not limited to: HWK, CHD, HNBC, WCN, BTM and the list goes on and on and on. For those of you who understand the concept “Pay to Play” here is the regal screen.

I *HAD* plans on buying more EGO aka ELD.TO and it was at $11.48 while I was writing this, now it’s pricier and I’m going to order a sandwich (literally). People who chase stocks end up like people who chase girls, alone and derelict. Also on my buy list is Suncor. I bought in at 33.30’s and sold in the 38’s. Looking to re-enter but might not, think more doom and gloom is possibly coming.

Tips hat, good day.

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  1. dubz

    Bought a 20% position in ELD.TO @ $11.51

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  2. Yogi & Boo Boo

    Dubz – Congrats on Kingship. I’m constantly amazed at all of the ways the PPT can be used. FWIW, back in the really “olden days”, as Boo Boo would say, FNN (the precursor to CNBC) had an individual investor on air as a guest. I know not his name, but I clearly remember his tie was quite loud, and I needed to turn down the brightness on the tube or have my retinas burned. Anyway, he said, he would often buy 100 or 200 shares of something before he took a “real” position in it, because owning it focused his attention because real dollars were on the line.

    Back to work for me. How’s the time off treating you?

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  3. Dubz

    Yogi – Thanks and the PPT is awesome. My only current qualm which I’m confident will be resolved over time is lack of the TSX and some asian markets into the system. TSX makes sense as Canada has such a high internet usage rate and a solid average annual income so I’m sure many Canadians would eat it up.

    When I’m in lots of positions, many of them are just what you described. Just feelers. I need to reprogram myself to add to winners on dips (only on dips) and ditch losers asap.

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