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Back From War

I see some of you geeks are upset with my term of office here on iBankCoin. I am here to tell you: you have seen nothing yet. Forgive my leave of absence, as I was rather busy assaulting the low-level tribes here in Peru. At one of the family copper mines, some of the workers attempted to organize and rise up, complaining about work conditions and wages. As a consequence, I spear headed a division of battle hardened mercenaries to destroy their village. That will learn them. So, excuse me if I didn’t have the time to entertain you dorks, as I was a little busy killing and maiming hundreds of people.

As for my message: it remains the same. Stop buying stocks/bonds/gold ETF’s. If you have to snatch the gold chain off an old lady, do so, as it might save you from future starvation. There are immense crop shortages around the world. And, at the same time, the biggest nations in the world are devaluing their currencies. This will inevitably lead to the deterioration of American society, which will leave it open to a series of debilitating  attacks.

Condensed message: get rid of your paper money and possess gold, the 24 karat variety.

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Own REAL Gold.

I am happy to report the successful siege at The Castle at Jakegint has led to the removal of his Lordship. From hereon forth, King BEAS will rule both the King of the Peanut Gallery and the Blog at Gint, for as our sovereign as the lord keeps me alive. Gold stocks crumbled like little pieces of hamburger today, as the fiat world of currency clashed with the fiat world of gold. When will you intellectually challenged people realize GLD and other “precious metal ETF’s” are nothing more than humorous decoys, perpetrated by the ruling elite?

If you want gold, buy a mine, preferably in Peru or Africa. You do not need a lot of money to buy a mine, only the stomach to deal with worker rebellions.

My family is the employer of more than 300,000 miners worldwide, just like those blokes in Chile. Mining is a dirty business, for the miners that is. For my family, it has afforded us with a very lavish lifestyle, one that you can only dream about when reading the Robb Report.

If you only have a few million to invest, open up a “We Buy Your Gold” store front in your neighborhood and “mine” the gold from your neighbors. Those stupid bastards will sell you their 18k lockets at a 50% discount to spot prices. Trust me, I have seen it with my own eyes. After you take their gold, send it to a good refiner and have it purified into 24k gold. If you have access to decent lines of credit, you can start your very own refining business, where you can chisel 10%-20% off spot prices from every “Buy Gold Here” store in the country.

Do not be lazy and resort to buying zero karat gold, like stocks and ETF’s. Be an owner of the material and live like a King.

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REAL Gold is Worth More Than Your Zero Karats

We have secured the rights to ALL kilowatts from the government owed power plant in the Yanacocha region, despite dissident upheaval. We need it for our mines and they need it to live. What do you think is more important?

As you read this, my family is procuring $10 million worth of gold, and other precious metals, per hour. The devils on Wall Street (Jakegint) will have you believe buying GLD is the same as owning a mine in Yanacocha. They say this, well, because they are the devil. The policy of pursuing a “fiat gold” standard is punishable by death, here in the Yanacocha region. You are never permitted to use paper currency or even think about buying one of Wall Street’s evil concoctions. The only true path to prosperity is through precious metals, water rights and farm land. Everything else is a malevolent ponzi scheme.

I’d rather find myself getting diced up in the midst of a brand new helicopter blade, than use my REAL gold to buy gold ETF’s (fake, zero karats).

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The Nobilty Knows More

Our siege is working its magic on the Jakegint castle. We are preparing to launch jars filled with fire into his city square, to serve as a lesson for supporting “fiat gold.” The catapults are ready and the ram has been ordered for deployment. How long can Jakegint last, being an ardent supporter of “fiat gold”?

On my family’s honor, there is nothing sacred about gold stocks or ETF’s. Buy the metal, you foolish knaves. Once the worldwide financial system collapses, the ETF exchanges will fail and everyone will lose their money. Fort Knox is without gold reserves and all central banks are hording it, in order to stave off starvation. That’s right, my little subjects. Very soon, the only way foreign governments will be able to trade is through gold. The currency wars have just begun. Stay away from the fake gold and buy something that you can touch.

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Seige Warfare at the Steps of Jakegint

Dearest loyal subjects,

The price of fiat gold went lower today. But the price of my gold bullion made a new all-time high. First thing this morning, I led my army over to the Jakegint castle, where his guard cowered behind walls, afraid of our glorious Royal artillery units. As we dig beneath the surface of his castle, I cordially invite you to join my side, as loyal squires, for the purposes of vanquishing the marauders who promote fiat gold.

I pay my soldiers with gold. My family, for over 500 years, have paid their armies with gold. There is never a reason to buy GLD or stocks, when you can easily buy out the mining rights to vast swaths of land in Yanacocha. When your little empire falls, you will all come crawling to the feet of my family. When the dollar collapses and dissolves into volcanic ash, so will your equities and GLD.

By that time, my imperial armies will have total control over your lands. Expanding upon that point: we will be conducting systematic and methodical cleansing of the heretics who once supported the fiat standard.

BEAS, King of iBankCoin, and other things

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A Formal Declaration of War Has Been Delivered to Your Grace

While at court today, a young squire approached me and asked for my opinion of GLD, the exchange trade ETF pertaining to gold. Before having him executed for his insolence, I explained to him that buying GLD is equal to supporting the fiat standard. I will have none of that.

For over 500 years, my family, all of noble blood, has sought out to secure mining rights, also known as royal privileges,  across the globe. Because of their due diligence and business acumen, I am happy to report a personal net worth of well over 900 billion euros, all held in gold bullion. Let me repeat, I do not own any paper currency whatsoever. Everything that I buy is done through the bartering of gold.

I read the daily rants of Jakegint and find him to be an educated young fellow, albeit somewhat misdirected. For one, there is no point in buying mining equities or exchange traded ETF’s, related to precious metals. If you want to own gold, do so in the physical form. If you are interested in mining, take a majority, or minority, interest in a well thought out mining expedition. I strongly suggest  properties in South Africa and Peru (cheap labour), where my family’s interests lie.

As King, I hereby declare war on Jakegint and shall pursue this conflict until his head is twisted tight on a pike.


King of iBankCoin, and other things

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