God Bless the Turkey



Tonight, I am home in the house where I grew up and counting my blessings. Today, we did our traditional “pre-Thanksgiving New York Thing,” and brought the kids in to see “A Christmas Story.”  I have to admit, I wasn’t looking forward to it, given that I’d seen the movie about 12 times since it’d come out, and thought, “how can they make this into an entertaining musical?”  Well, I should have known.  Never second-guess the song and dance guys that make up the backbone of the Broadway hit machine in New York.  Compared to the clowns in Hollywood who write for the silver screen, these guys are veritable blue chip bonds… they just do not fuck it up.

So take that as my endorsement… and for those of you who — like me — have lost a Dad at any point in the last 20 years, well… be prepared.  Bring a kleenex.

I wanted to say Thank You to all of you tonight as well.  You have been incredibly patient with me this year, and I very much appreciate it. It’s been crazy, work wise, and I hope the flow will take a respite in 2013.  In the mean time, I thank you for your queries and your correspondence.  I think you will be rewarded by the PM’s this year, as long as Mr. Obama doesn’t take the economy to Berserkiztan and leave it there…

I really like AG right now.  It’s my number one pick.  Do what you like with that, but have some tryptophan first.


Best to you all….


10 Responses to “God Bless the Turkey”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Jake ! “A Christmas Story” is my seasonal favorite. Yes, I lost my father 13 years ago, but always feel him in the air. Long and strong PM !!

  2. Happy Grand Turkey Senator. Always appreciate your PM direction and colourful prose.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Jake.

    I kid you not; a local play is screening in Detroit, titled “Cancer”. It’s supposed to be a comedy, according to the advertisements.

  4. Glad to hear you’re having a good Thanksgiving with your family in NY this year. Hope they are all safe and warm. And Thank You, Mr. Gint, for your earnest efforts here, as well as the sterling quality of the writing. These are among the many things I’m thankful for on this day.

  5. As a perceived member of the Bumpus clan, and Dad loser 10 orbits ago, I thank you for your counsel. Peace to you and yours

  6. chivasontherocks

    happy late turkey day. hope you and your family are doing well. no respite for you in 2013., but you will have a great year. back in miami for good. we to catch up.

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