Saturday, December 3, 2016
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Swimming with #6

Manhattan Bridge


Keep #6 and his family in your thoughts and prayers tonight as he battles the Great Sandy Storm Surge of 2012 from the burgeoning tides of the West Village.  He’s currently okay, although I think the water made it up to the ground floor of his place near the newly enlarged Hudson River.

And all the rest of my boys up there in the Northeast, including Monsieur le Docteur du Fly, take care of yourselves up there and don’t do anything crazy like trying to drive out of a flooded area.  And beware of downed power lines in puddles.  Bad combo.

The good news is that the market will likely open with a fresh wave of Bernanke Bucks sluicing its clogged bowels.  Silver is my trade here, and I will likely be adding on Wednesday.

Best to you all, especially all of you dealing with this Sandy Hurricanoe.


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  1. Anton

    Haven’t heard anything about damage in KY. Hope it missed you. Best to family and pals back in your old “hood.”

    Can’t say I miss the earthquakes,though… Because we just had one here last week! Checking my Mayan calendar to see what’s next.

  2. Anton

    Post-Sandy security at the House of Fly:

  3. Cascadian

    Ben could make all the repairs with a fraction of his printing press time.

  4. momo14318

    Jake, I’m sending prayers and good thoughts to #6 and his family. Also to Fly, Chess and others in the path of Sandy. My sister is in Long Island and we haven’t heard from her since last evening. Her husband (in the reserves) has been deployed since early yesterday to help out. It’s a difficult situation all around…By the way, what specifically are you looking at in terms of adding on Wednesday – the usual silver miners or the SLV leaps? Thanks. Now, back to worrying about Sis and her family…

  5. Honolulu Trader

    I survived Sandy!

  6. Jakegint

    BTW — that pic above is actually from the Crooklyn side of the East River, and #6 is actually closer to the Hudson (in the West Village). However, when I called him he was telling me about a dumpster floating down the middle of his street, so I grabbed this illustration of a quasi-similar view.


  7. buylo

    I have it on good authority that Tomney, Ryan and Christie will be touring New Jersey tomorrow in the RNC’s luxurious tour bus and make some important and strategic stops in places like Hoboken, Brigantine, Seaside Heights, etc., to hand out canned vegetables and soup, peanut butter, cereal, etc. and show the folks that real Republican help is not onlyon the way, is already here! I trust everyone will show-up for this one and take advantage of this unprecedented caring and largesse by our fearless and caring Presidential and VP candidates!

    • Jakegint

      Inconsequential. Dear Leader Obama (May He Live Forever) has already toured the benighted provinces of the Joisey Shoah and assured all (in placid and calming tones) that MUCH and ALL will be provided throught the Omniscience of the Greater Good Gummint.

      The Fat Man’s obeisance will be well remembered, and his veep ticket ommission will hereafter be categoried in the “Bullet Dodged” folder.


  8. drummerboy

    you are the man, brotha.

  9. Honolulu Trader


    homo hammered.

  10. charlie

    Jake, do you think uranium miners are a viable investment here or is that industry on hold too with Barry at the helm?

  11. 200ma

    Next new low in SLV hits Tuesday then he/she goes to new highs and I know this because I remember Jake telling us back in 09 it would hit 30 and heeded his advise back then only to find this mutha over 40! 🙂

  12. Honolulu Trader

    Jake, hope you have time to throw
    something up this weekend.Need
    a voice of reason around this
    mofo.Swimming in bear shit.

    Holding UCO EXK AAPL