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Buying the Dip

New Longs: 

CBOU 10.89      -5.22%
AFAM 34.76     -1.7%
DTV  42.46       -1.37%

Added to longs:
CCME  18.08  -7.26%

Not really looking at stocks that have fallen hard.  I’m going for the ones that are holding ground on today’s decline.  Volume on the overall market looks low, probably some end of the week cycle selling.  AFAM and CBOU have smaller market caps, and therefore they can move quite fast.  Nevertheless, they are both leaders in stock performance in their industries.  CCME totally crapped today.  Anyway, just adding some here, although it looks like a long way down if volume picks up on the selling, it still is being sold on the news of China consumer markets, so I felt it okay to buy some here. 

Other stocks on list to buy:
– JSDA for a buck.  Lol.

–  UA makes basketball shoes now.  About time.  They always time their product releases with the sports nation.  Smart.  Only 2 points from year high.

– @400 puts on PCLN, at least 6 months out.  This just sounds like a great protection play.  Except those @400s are filthy expensive no matter what month you pick.  Maybe further out?  Whatever, PCLN offers rare options play so take advantage of it if you can.  I’m still watching this monster of a stock.

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