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The Morning Briefing Key Sell Side Recommendation $H $SRCL

In After Hours Trading

IPOs on deck none of note today. Secondaries ABG FRC HASI LPSN STAY.

In After Hours Trading: ASNA +.02 CASY -.30 DAVE -.10.

Lower Guidance: ALOG.

Mixed Guidance: .

Positive Guidance: .

What’s Happening This Morning

U.S. futures: S&P -3.25, Dow Jones -23, NDX -7.25 and Russell 2000 -1. Asia higher and Europe mixed.

Copper,silver and gold lower. WTI Crude and Brent Oil Futures higher. Natural Gas is lower. $ is higher vs Euro, higher vs. Pound and higher vs. Yen. US 10 year Treasury yield at 2.49% yield, one month change +11 and +60 one year change. Prices as of 7:55 a.m. EDT.

Top Sectors Conglomerates.

Weak Sectors Healthcare, Financials and Consumer Goods.

One month winners All ex Conglomerates.

Three Month Winners Conglomerates, Industrial Goods, Financials, Energy and Materials.

Six Month Winners Conglomerates, Industrial Goods, Financials, Energy and Materials.

One Year Winners Energy, Materials, Industrial Goods and Utilities.

Year To Date All.

Earnings Expected

Earnings due after the close (by avg. trade volume):HRB URBN RRR ABM REVG NCS BOJA among the leaders.

Due Wednesday morning (by avg. trade volume descending): VAL CIEN TECD PLCE BOBE VRA HOV SMRT among the leaders.

Rags & Mags: Inside Wall Street

Bloomberg: Trump revises the travel ban to be less restrictive. Republicans released their draft bill on the revision to Obamacare. Euro growth rose 0.4% in Q4. Oil is near $53 a barrel. The U.S. begins deployment of the Thaad missile defense system in South Korea.

Reported Earnings This Morning

Reported Earnings This Morning (Best to Worst absolute beats/misses [+.02 or greater/-.02 or worse]): BTE -1.50 DKS +.02 JWA +.14 NAV -.26.

Missing: .

Lower Guidance: DKS ARQL.

Current Morning missing: .

Mixed Guidance: .

Positive Guidance: .

Data Points

Yesterday saw 883 stocks rise and 2068 fall on the NYSE. NASDAQ saw 840 rise and 2055 fall.

The SP 500 is back above its 50 day exponential moving average and above its 200 day exponential moving average. The Russell 2000 is above its 50 day moving exponential average and its 200 day exponential moving average.

The 10 day spread moving average of breadth is back to invested as of November 15th. The Madison Market Timing Indicator is now invested since November 18th.

YTD 4066 stocks rose for 2016 and 2259 fell. Updated 12/30/16 close.


Consumer Credit for January is due out at 3:00 p.m. EST.


A Senate Subcommittee looks into Russian policies towards Europe.

Conference & Analyst Meetings

Meetings, Conference Calls or Announcements of note,MITL CVX IBM ALLE AMPE. Deutsche Bank Annual Media Internet and Telecom Conference. Cowen & Company Annual Healthcare Conference. Raymond James Institutional Investors Conference. 2017 Citi Global Property CEO Conference.

Conference of Note

M & A News

Key Upgrades and Downgrades

Firm Upgrades Downgrades
JP Morgan
Goldman Sachs SRCL
Morgan Stanley H
Deutsche Bank
Citigroup ASNA
Merrill Lynch
Wachovia/Wells Fargo
Credit Suisse
Banc of America
SunTrust RH FBM
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