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TASR Raises Revenue Guidance

This posted on www.briefing.com this morning about Taser. Taser now needs to take the momentum of police departments and convince individuals to own the Taser over a gun. I am a big fan of Briefing for up to the minute news:

TASER announces new orders; expects Q4 revenues to exceed $30 mln, Capital IQ consensus $28.7 mln  (8.94)
Co announced several large TASER Conducted Electrical Weapon (CEW) orders for more than 2,600 TASER X2 and more than 1,000 TASER X26 in the last two weeks of 2012. TASER received and shipped the following orders for TASER CEWs and various related accessories in the fourth quarter:

  • Phoenix Police Department (AZ) for 2,365 X2s
  • Prince George’s County (MD) for 500 X26s
  • Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Department (MI) for 165 X2s
  • Henrico County Police Department (VA) for 100 X2s with 100 TASER CAM HD cameras
  • Belton Police Department (MO) for 35 X2s International orders for 24 X2s, 575 X26s and 57,000 TASER Cartridges

Co stated it now expects Q4 revenues to exceed $30 million (Capital IQ consensus $28.7 mln).

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